Combining Email Marketing With Content Marketing

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Are you looking for new ways to engage your email marketing list, without bombarding them with endless offers and high pressure sales promotions?  Consider combining the ideas of content marketing with your email campaign.

One way that you can do this is by offering a series of emails that are informative and interesting to your recipients.  Try to identify a list of questions that would make for good “frequently asked questions” or “FAQs” for your topic.  Develop great responses to these questions, and provide an answer that is more in depth and informative than they may find in a typical FAQ section on a website.

Send out these emails, one at a time, perhaps on a weekly basis.  Be sure to include links to your site, and links to finding further information on the topic.  Your customers will appreciate the information, and they will appreciate the fact that you value them enough to ensure that they have plenty of information regarding a topic that is of interest to them.

It can be a relief to your recipients to not constantly be receiving special offers and notifications about upcoming promotions.  What you accomplish by sharing quality information with them is the development of a trusting relationship.  You establish yourself as a knowledgeable authority, and put your company in the front of their mind.  When they are ready to make a purchase, they will be more inclined to go with your company—because they remember you more, and they also will have a positive memory of their interaction with you.

Creating an email campaign that consists of several frequently asked questions, along with thoughtful and thorough responses, can be a terrific sales and marketing tool.  When these emails are timed right, you will find that you can often get the interest of a customer who is “almost” ready to buy.  You may even answer a burning question for them and help to close the sale even faster.

Avoid the urge to constantly send out offers designed to drive people directly to your landing page.  In some cases, and this applies to email marketing, it can be very beneficial to have patience and develop the connection with the customer first.

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