Combining Email and Direct Mail for Best Results

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Sometimes the best results from email marketing combine direct mail with your email marketing efforts.  For example, customers who regularly shop from your company may be rewarded with extra discounts. When you mail them these discounts, you want to ensure that you are following up with an email reminding them to look for the special offers in their mail, and then you can remind them again that they have these particular special offers to use within a certain period of time.

This is a great way to capitalize on the direct mail connection with email marketing.  You are able to reach the customer twice, from two different angles, which will significantly increase your ability to connect with them.

The combination of direct mail and email marketing needs to be in concert with a great call to action.  “Remember to use your discount dollars before they expire!” is one subject line that works well.  It is not pushy or invasive, you are simply giving them a kind reminder that they have money available to spend with your company, and time may be running out.  Few people like to let a discount like this slide by, so the reminder to shop online—while they are online reading their email—may be enough to encourage them to use the discount that they received in their direct mail.

Direct mail is not dead.  Email marketing is not the only way to go.  Why not combine your efforts and truly get to those customers who are your biggest spenders and encourage them to spend more?  This tactic works best for larger companies who can afford the direct mail campaigns, but it can certainly be scaled down to the right size for any home based business opportunity seeker and made to fit for any company.

Everyone loves a discount.  Remind them that you are putting money right back in their own wallet, through the savings that you are offering.  The combo effects of direct mail and email marketing can be powerful, and can be more noticeable to the recipients, who will understand that you are working hard to get their business.

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