Changing Headlines and Timing for Better Email List Results

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Sometimes all it takes to revitalize your email marketing list campaign is some simple tweaking of technique to get your recipients interested again.  When things start to look like they might be getting slow, you can try a few different things to regenerate interest in your campaign.

One thing that often works well is to tweak your headlines, and make them just a little more catchy.  If you have been using the same ones for a while now, they might seem to be a little stale to your email address database recipients.  People start to automatically filter out stuff that they see again and again, and they will lose interest.  Before they lose enough interest to unsubscribe, make sure that you give it another try with a new set of headlines, ones that are catchy and will get them interested in opening your message to see what’s inside.

Another thing that can change the tide when it comes to your email marketing list campaign is when you change the timing of when you are sending out emails.  Are you used to sending emails to your email address database on a weekly basis?  Maybe temporarily step it up to a daily frequency and see if you can get their attention.  If you are already sending daily messages and feel like your campaign is stale, change to a weekly frequency.  Any kind of change might shake things up a bit and get you more notice.

Finally, changing the name of the sender may help to increase some interest and awareness.  Seeing the same sender, for email after email, becomes tiresome.  When you occasionally change the name of the sender, you may be able to freshen things up and gain more interest from your recipients.

Any of these changes can help considerably when you are trying to freshen things up with your email marketing list campaign.  Try them and see how well they work for you as you try to get more interest from your recipients.

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