Capture the Flag? At Least Capture the Reader!

email database list

When it comes to email marketing, it is not about winning by capturing a flag, but winning by capturing the attention of the reader. Millions of emails are sent each day and never opened by the recipient. This is usually because the email database list that is used does not contain the right business opportunity seekers. Without a highly targeted list, your email could land in a Trash graveyard, never to be seen again.

Staying Alive

Not only does your subject line have to capture the interest of the recipient, but when they read your email there should be enough interesting information, and a beautiful call to action that cannot be resisted. The final, and most important step, is to be able to keep them on your site when they arrive there, and also make them want to return.

You’ve probably been to thousands of websites that you will never return to, ones that are quickly forgotten at the next click. You don’t want your site to be one of these. Unfortunately, when it comes to Internet marketing, the statistics show that it takes the average user about 7 visits before they would make a purchase at your site. SEVEN? Getting someone to visit your site 7 times is a huge challenge. This is where an excellent email database list becomes critical.

Staying Visible

When you can send out weekly or monthly emails to business opportunity seekers on your email database list, that regular contact will keep you in mind. They may start to trust you and become more familiar with your business, just because they keep seeing you pop up in their inbox. When you are present in their inbox, and they are repeatedly compelled to read your message, those business opportunity seekers will continue to return to your site. Get them there enough times and they will pull the trigger—whether that means joining your membership for benefits, buying products or services, becoming an affiliate, or whatever it is your Internet marketing campaign has to offer.

Secrets and Tricks?

There aren’t really secrets and tricks to getting your email database list readers to return again and again to your site, other than having special offers like ebooks, online courses, free video webinars or other things that business opportunity seekers would be interested in. Of course, you don’t want to divulge all of your knowledge at once, so create a video series that they can watch once a week, or daily or at whatever pace you are comfortable with. When you can engage business opportunity seekers with your information, you will have them returning again and again, and your email database list will continue to grow. Secret? No. But this is how Internet marketing works best!

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