Can Autoresponders Help Build Multi Level Marketing Lists?

multi level marketing lists

Network marketing, specifically multi level marketing (MLM), requires that you build up a large number of MLM leads in order to build a strong business. Many online marketers find that generating the leads is one of the most challenging aspects of building that business into something that works well and generates large profits. Finding people who are interested in learning more about your network, or your MLM downline, is the key part. Not every visitor to your site is going to be interested in joining, but there are ways that you can increase the level of interest so that you can get more visitors interested, at least in learning more and perhaps finding the business opportunity that they have been searching for—whether they know it or not.

Some visitors to your site will be specifically looking for opportunities to make money online, and showing them the power of your multi level marketing company may be enough to sway them into learning more or trying it out. Others are just browsing the internet, and may or may not be interested in joining a network at that time. Ideally, you will be able to at least capture their email, voluntarily, through a bulk email opt in, so that you will then have the ongoing opportunity to communicate with them and potentially convince them that joining your network is something that will be very valuable to them. The more people that you can get to join your network or your MLM downline, the more successful it will be, so every visitor counts.

One way that you can help to increase the interest in your network is through the use of an autoresponder. After you realize, usually fairly quickly for most internet marketers, that friends and family dry up quickly when you are looking for new MLM leads, you have to work hard to find ways to get new people interested. Because an autoresponder is just that, automatic, your lead generation system quickly gets set to an “autopilot” mode.

Here are a few things to remember when trying to use an autoresponder to generate more MLM leads:

  1. Autoresponders only work when you have a solid, effective, working website. Unless your website helps to support your lead generation efforts, then you will be dead in the water, so to speak, when it comes to finding leads. Hot prospects will lose interest if your site is not stellar. Unless you appear to be a credible company, and use your site to build a relationship and rapport with your leads, then you will not get far.
  2. Autoresponders work best when you can offer free information, or some other incentive, for signing up for your network marketing list.
  3. Once a lead signs up, the autoresponder should instantly provide not only confirmation, but the promised benefits or incentives.
  4. Autoresponders must include a link back to your site, where the potential prospect will find additional helpful information. Failure to include the link can end the process, because the leads will not know what to do next or where to go.
  5. Test the autoresponder before using, and periodically test it to ensure that it is working properly and actually sending out the messages to those who choose to use the subscription form or the bulk email opt in.
  6. Don’t overdo things when using a bulk email opt in form for your site. In order to get started with an autoresponder, all you really need is the person’s name and email address. You can collect more information once you get them hooked as an MLM lead or a subscriber, and once you start to build the necessary rapport with them. Overwhelming them with tons of fields to fill out may turn away some potential prospects who are just interested in getting their feet wet with your company. You will have the chance to “wow” them as you move forward. Getting them to subscribe is the first, and most critical, point.


Getting people interested in your multi level marketing company and your network is the first step, and once you get this part going, the rest will fall into place nicely. Don’t try to do too much at once. Remember, internet marketing, and multi level marketing, requires a tremendous amount of patience. Rushing the process will not get you to your goals more quickly. In fact, rushing things is really the short cut to failure in this case because people will be turned off if you use the hard sell approach too much. People who are considering any kind of network marketing company involvement need to be courted, and need to learn slowly and methodically what the benefits of their involvement can be. Any company that pushes people to become involved will ultimately be a great example of what NOT to do when it comes to MLM lead generation and prospect development.

Autoresponders are a great addition to your online marketing strategy. What happens is that you can automate parts of your network marketing strategy so that it takes less direct effort from you to keep things running smoothly. You can’t be at your computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (who would want to, when you can be enjoying the huge profits you have gained from your MLM downline, anyway?), but your autoresponder can be available at all times to help you connect with your MLM leads and prospects and help to encourage their interest.

Don’t use autoresponders as a complete replacement for the personal touch, however. There is still a need for you to personally connect, via email or social media, with your leads. But, you can let your autoresponder programs help to take part of the work load away from you, and make sure that each and every new subscriber gets a bit of personal attention as soon as they do start to show any kind of interest in joining your network or subscribing to your service.

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