Bulk Email Opt In Tips

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You might be wondering how you can build up your email lists using a bulk email opt in program. Here are a few ways that you can entice visitors to your site to sign up for your email list and build your email address database into something extremely useful, packed with the email addresses of your ideal target audience.

  1. Free products and services. Visitors to your site who find out about a free product or service will be much more likely to give up their email address and join your bulk email opt in. It is a well known fact that most people like to get something for free, and they are not terribly picky about what it is. It is free, after all! Try using an e-book, free report, free shipping or other incentives to get them to sign up for your email address database.
  2. Always include your URL or link to your website in your emails. Not only the emails you send to your email address database, but all personal and professional emails. You will be very surprised at how many people click through just out of curiosity. Some of these people will sign up for your bulk email opt in list, and you will see your list grow—almost accidentally!
  3. Host an online competition. Offering a prize for a simple online competition is a great way to build up your bulk email opt in list. To enter the competition, one of the requirements is to register using your email. Be clear that the email address will be used for marketing purposes, but most of the people entering your competition will probably be likely to have an interest in your niche, products or services anyway, so hopefully this won’t be a problem. Advertise the contest on your social media pages!
  4. And, speaking of social media, this is a terrific way to boost your bulk email opt in program. Build up your social media pages, and make sure you have a link so anyone can register for your email address database if they think they might like what you have to offer.
  5. Place online ads on classified sites, like eBay and others. Free services advertised will always get some interest. Always make it a requirement that someone join your email address database to get the free item. Most of the people will stay; some may opt out eventually, but they were probably unlikely to buy from you anyway.

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