Building Trust With Your Email Marketing List

bulk email opt in

It seems like there are thousands of surveys and studies about the best ways to do email list marketing going on at the same time. Interestingly, the results are somewhat consistent when it comes to certain aspects, like how to build customer trust. Most customers tend to trust the emails that they receive after they have chosen the bulk email opt in to join the mailing list of a particular company. This is big news, because when you establish trust with the customers, you are more likely to have them open your emails. And, once they open your email, it is easier to get them to convert into a paying customer or turn out to be a business opportunity seeker who wants to join your network.

The important part of this statistic is that you should really only be emailing those people who have selected to use the bulk email opt in feature to join your list. The same principle does not apply when you purchase an email list or use a list broker. You can still develop trust with these customers, but it will occur in a different way. When a customer uses the bulk email opt in, they are actually asking you to contact them again. They want to do more business with you, or see what else you have to offer. This is so important for email list marketing, because without having trusting customers, you will have very little business to report.

You are only emailing the people who have chosen the bulk email opt in, right? Assuming this is true, you have to communicate with them regularly for your email list marketing plan to work. You want your recipients to trust you, this means respecting their inbox. Bombarding them with countless offers is not the means to an end in this situation. Communicate regularly enough so that they remember you are out there, and yet not so often that they cannot keep up with the emails you are sending. Typically, more than once per week is too much, and less than once per month may not be enough.

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