Build an Email List By Using eBay?

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EBay actually gets more traffic than most of the search engines. This makes it a great way for you to see some action on your website and start building up one of the best email marketing lists ever. While a list broker can help you find a bulk email list for sale, being a salesperson often must involve some aspect of building the best email marketing lists that you can, if you want the big profits.

One of the biggest reasons why eBay works for building the best email marketing lists is that people are visiting the site almost always with the intention of buying something. This makes it a prime target audience, and one that a list broker would have a difficult time competing with.

Can You Generate Leads Through eBay?

Using Ebay as a lead generator and to help you avoid the need for a bulk email list for sale can be done in several ways. The most common way to use eBay for developing advertising lists is to offer one of the products or services from your company for sale. When you do this, ideally at a “sale” or discounted price, you will be able to most likely get the customer to click through to your website and see what else you have that they might be interested in. Having a seller profile on eBay will allow you to have a unique “About Me” page, which should most definitely include a link to your product website.

A second, and still common way to generate leads and build one of the best email marketing lists around is to add a listing in the classified section of eBay. This is a different section than the open auction section that you are probably most familiar with. In the classified section, you can place an ad that leads directly to your squeeze page. From there, visitors can join your advertising lists voluntarily. This is another way in which you have an advantage over using a list broker to purchase a bulk email list for sale. There are certain categories with the eBay site that will have classified ads, you will need to search the available categories to find out where your ad would be most likely to be seen.

Using eBay to create the best email marketing lists around is inexpensive and simple. Take a look at this creative way to develop advertising lists and find out just how well it works.

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