Breathe Some Life Into Your Email List

email address database

There comes a time in the life of every home based business opportunity seeker when you have to carefully re-evaluate the contacts that you have on your email marketing lists, and perhaps do a little pruning to your email address database.  Periodically updating the list to ensure that it contains only viable contacts is important.

How can you, the home based business opportunity seeker, get your email list stronger and more profitable?  Start by sending a short survey to the members of your email address database.  Those who really want to be interacting with you will take a few minutes to share their opinions, which will not only help you to better your products and service, but show you that these are people who definitely want to continue to hear from you, and these people should stay on your email list.

Don’t immediately discard those email addresses belonging to folks who didn’t respond to the survey, but you can segment them and take another shot from a different direction.  Once you offer those who completed your survey a special offer for doing so (thereby further ensuring that they remain on your email list), you can target those who did not respond with a different offer, intended to lure them back to your company.  Renew their interest in what you have to offer by giving them a deal that they cannot refuse.

At some point, however, it may be time to prune the list a little bit.  For those who are chronic non-responders or people who never even open the emails, you might be better off clipping them out of your email list.  As a home based business opportunity seeker, you want to focus your time and energy on good, solid leads.  A large email list is not useful or meaningful, and increases the likelihood that your emails will land in spam folders, which will hurt your overall email marketing campaign.  Make sure your recipients are interested in what you are sending, and periodically review the email list.

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