Boost Your Email Campaign With Automated Sprints


Sometimes you need something quick to get out to your email address database, just to remind them that you are out there, waiting patiently for their business.  Other times, you need to connect with them about specific information that pertains directly to them, and you want to be able to do this automatically.

Automated email sprints are a kind of email that is developed to be automatically sent to a customer after a certain action.  For example, as soon as they make a purchase on your site, they would receive an additional email with another related offer.  This is different from an autoresponder that simply confirms an order or thanks them for their business.  An automated sprint is an email that is delivered automatically, and quickly, in response to the customer’s needs.

Another way that automated sprints are used is when a customer is shopping on a website, gets to the shopping cart, and then fails to check out and complete the transaction.  An automated sprint can remind them of the items that are currently in their shopping cart, perhaps politely asking if they have forgotten to check out?  Ask them to return to the site and complete the transaction.

Using automated sprints for email communication with customers can help large businesses, as well as the average home based business opportunity seeker who is looking to connect directly with customers and ensure that their experience is comprehensive and complete.  This type of email can definitely enhance your ability to engage with the customers, and once it is set up, there is little effort needed to keep it running smoothly.

Automated sprints for email have many different uses, and there are many services that provide this type of product for your company, regardless of the size of the company.  When customers download free information, an automated follow up email can be generated.  The same goes for signing up for a bulk email opt in, posting a comment, or simply opening an email and clicking through without converting.  There are so many options, it is definitely worth exploring.

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