Avoid These Subject Line Errors in Your Emails

The subject line of your email to your target audience needs to get their attention, quickly, and by using only a few words.  Those words that you choose can make all the difference in the world, and can change everything when it comes to whether or not the email is opened.   Unless the members of your email address database open the email and respond, your efforts will be unsuccessful.  Don’t waste your time crafting a great offer and then sink it by using poor subject lines.

One of the best ways to check how an email subject line will appear is to send it to yourself.  While this may seem silly, many home based business opportunity seekers seem to skip this step, and never actually get to view their own messages in real life.  Many subject lines will come across as spammy, and this is something you want to avoid.  Not only is it likely that the email will be ignored by the recipient, you run the risk of having it be captured by spam filters, never even making it to the inbox to be opened.

Keep the subject line simple, and keep it slightly vague.  You want to stir up some interest in the message that is contained within.  If you have your whole offer right in the subject line, then why should the recipient bother to open it?  If your subject says, “10% off and free shipping if you order today!” then what’s left to wonder about?  Instead, use something more along the lines of “Discounts on new orders available now!” and hopefully the recipient will choose to check out what the available deal is.  Avoid trying to make the sale using only the subject line.

When the subject line is short, usually 5-7 words, you can convey a quick message that works as a teaser for your recipients.  You want the members of your email address database to be interested enough to open the email.  Let them know that great things await them when they open the message!

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