Use Articles to Drive Traffic to Your Email List

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Using articles is a great way to drive traffic to your email list building site. When you have a large number of articles submitted to various directories and listing sites, you can have a large number of links generated to your landing page via the resource box. Interesting articles will lead readers to click through and see what exactly it is that you have available, and then, hopefully choose the bulk email opt in and become part of your email address database.

This is a great way to build your list, especially since it is completely free (with the exception of the time that it takes you to write and submit the articles, but it is a worthy way to spend time if you want a large email list).

When you look at your own email inbox, you will see so many amazing offers for products that you would probably never be interested in learning more about (or at least you probably never want to admit you are looking at those male enhancement products). Somehow, each of these email marketers has gotten ahold of your email address and added it to their email address database. Probably not because you chose the bulk email opt in for their list. You do not want to do this to build your own list.

Articles are ideal because the reader must choose to click through and get to your landing page. There, they will have the opportunity to join your bulk email opt in and start receiving your special offers and promotions regularly.

When you have a large number of articles, it becomes more and more likely that others may link to your article, giving you another way to get readers interested. People in your niche or related niches may find what you have to offer very informative, and when they link to your article then more readers have the opportunity to join your email address database after they read your piece and click through your link.

Because articles that are submitted to the best article directories will often get a higher ranking in the search engine results than a regular blog post, this is a great way to get your site noticed and increase visibility in the search engine results. Doing so gives more people a chance to join your bulk email opt in every day, and you can build up a large email list rather quickly.

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