Are There Problems With Mobile Email Marketing?

home based business opportunity seeker

As a home based business opportunity seeker, you have probably been reading quite a bit about mobile marketing, and specifically, how to incorporate this into your overall email marketing strategy.  Mobile marketing is a great way to connect quickly and effectively with consumers, with nearly every person having a smart phone or mobile device in their hand at all times.  Few people are not directly connected with their email constantly, so making sure that you are effectively targeting this market is critical to your online success.

Connecting with people in real time can significantly increase your conversion rates and how much traffic you can get to your site.  Not everyone will instantly click through to your site when they receive an email offer from you, but you have to pay attention to how people are using their mobile devices.  Although using them while driving or in a meeting is usually not possible, there are plenty of people who use the large amounts of “down time” that they find throughout their day, either waiting for an appointment, standing in line, during a train commute, or just simply a few extra minutes here and there that would otherwise go wasted.  People tend to prefer to make the most of every minute, and having smart phones and mobile devices helps them attend to emails that may otherwise go unread if they are sitting at their computer trying to do productive work.  Being able to capitalize on this as a home based business opportunity seeker is important.

How can you do that?  The same way that you have been, by connecting personally and having compelling content and offers.  Only you have to ensure that you are optimizing properly for mobile devices.  Make sure that you avoid the most common problems—not being able to open messages on mobile devices, not being able to view the entire offer, links that are too difficult to navigate on a small screen, endless scrolling and other issues are going to turn off the recipients.

Combining your email marketing for mobile devices with your social media campaign is often one of the answers.  Most people are constantly checking their social media, during the above mentioned down times.  Make sure that they see your company there, regularly.  This is a great way to combine your mobile efforts with your social media.  Include links, and use specially optimized mobile landing pages.  This not only serves the customer well, making it simpler for them to access your offers, but it also helps you track how the visitors found you, letting you know where to next focus your efforts.

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