An Easy Way to Grab More Facebook Likes

One of the biggest problems that Internet marketers tend to have is with social proof – how do you go about finding real Facebook users who are interested in whatever it is that you have for sale? The answer is really quite simple – you need to go where the people are and attract them. Now how do you do that? Here’s a way to make it happen on Facebook:

Start with Other Facebook Pages

The first thing to do is search on Facebook for other pages which are in the same niche as you work in. You will need to spend some time rooting around on Facebook to find them though because Facebook’s search is not all that great. One way to do this though is to use Google and simply put in along with the keyword you want to search for. This won’t necessarily get you all business pages but it should get you at least some of the more popular pages on Facebook.

Check What They Have to Say

Next, actually read what they’re talking about on their pages. See what their users are asking about. Take the time to get to know these pages and then start out by leaving helpful comments. Don’t leave any links as of yet. Just get your foot in the door by commenting and talking about whatever it is that your niche is. Show that you have some expertise in this particular area.

This step alone should bring in some additional likes because people who frequent that page will check to see who you are and which pages you own. They’ll in turn head over to your Facebook page and actually take the time to like you.

Then, Add Links

The next step is to add links to your comments. Again, you want to do this after you have established yourself in the community on these other Facebook pages. It’s really no different from getting yourself established on a blog or a forum – you want to offer something useful to those who come to look and then you can get something useful for yourself (i.e. a link back to your own Facebook page).

Consider Pay with a Like

Now, this idea does work even if you just want to get likes on your blog or main site and you don’t own a Facebook page (although I don’t understand why you wouldn’t have one). However, it is also possible to attract lots of extra likes to your main site by using a pay with a like script. If you run your site using WordPress, there are any number of different plugins which can do this. If you have some other system, you may need to have such a script custom coded though it shouldn’t be too expensive to do it.

In essence, the way this works is that you lock content which can be unlocked only by ‘liking’ it or Tweeting about it. The catch of course is that you need to provide a sample which gets people excited enough about it to want to bother liking it or tweeting about it.

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