8 Digital Marketing Tips All Network Marketers Should Know

Digital marketing continues to make waves in the world of advertising your business.

Want to reach a large number of people right now with a few key marketing strategies?

Consider our top 8 digital marketing tips to boost your network marketing business.

1. Pay Attention to Visuals

In digital marketing, the visuals matter. The presentation can make or break your future revenue opportunities. Branding your business involves taking a look at how you want to appear in terms of your identity.

The images you provide on your website and various social media platforms speak to your audience to identify your business.

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to consider what images you use to illustrate your brand message. As you create an ad to place on your website, be sure to include a compelling photo that encourages visitors to learn more.

For example, a realty company will use high-quality images of their most attractive looking homes to advertise with. Look for free stock photos to use if you do not already have an arsenal of beautiful images.

The prettiest homes available are now transformed into marketing tools to entice visitors to see what other homes are for sale.

They say pictures are worth a thousand words and this holds true in digital marketing because visuals play a role in bringing in new clients every single day.

2. Another One of Our Strong Digital Marketing Tips? Add Video

Videos are integrating into the digital marketing sphere. If you think posting a company video may be ineffective, think again.

When clients can visualize your company they are going to be drawn to the services you provide. Video helps show clients exactly what your company stands for and how you can help market their brand.

YouTube videos are yet another effective approach to video and are considered one of our top digital marketing tips. Upload a few YouTube videos explaining your products or services and add them to a tab on your website to archive for later.

3. Connect On Social Media

Have you set up business accounts for every type of social media platform yet? This is crucial to experience a connection with your most loyal clients. Social media is yet one more of our top digital marketing tips to increase your business exposure.

From Instagram to Pinterest, no matter what business you own, you can’t ignore the power of social media. People log into their accounts on a daily basis.

Social media allows you the benefit of connecting with your customers in real time.

Does someone have an issue with shipping? They will leave you an Instagram comment to which you should immediately reply with an answer to provide him or her with assistance. Fix problems on the go with your smartphone, too.

Especially with Instagram stories, you are given the chance to upload short behind the scenes videos of the company’s day to day world.

People do not usually get the opportunity to see these hidden aspects of how your products or services are put into action which is exciting to witness as a customer.

4. Content Marketing Is King

Blog posts are a must-have feature for your business. Whether you own a snazzy hair salon or sell computer software, posting a few blog posts every week is essential to stay with the times.

Play around with keywords to maintain fluidity throughout all of your posts. If you look to Google for assistance you can find a few top keywords that bring up the most searches in line with your business type.

For example, as a hair salon, people could be searching for affordable haircuts.

You can take this top search and add the words to your blog posts to increase exposure. Marketing your business in the digital age can be simple once you pay attention to the right keywords!

As you increase the number of blog posts written and posted to your website, you can add graphics to them and re-post them to places like Facebook and Pinterest to drive more traffic back to your site.

5. The Importance of Online Reviews

Engaging with your clients online also needs to include an area for them to leave constructive criticism.

Online reviews can benefit your digital marketing abilities because you can use real-life feedback to generate testimonials.

These honest reviews give you the chance to not only improve your current business strategy but are a way to maintain a positive rating among loyal customers.

Once you read a negative review, use it as a chance to connect with the unhappy customer to show him or her how you are willing to make the next steps correcting the issue at hand.

6. Influencer Marketing

Another tip for reaching a large number of people is to use the power of influencers.

These digital influencers already have huge followings, with hundreds of thousands of people constantly clicking on their pages, so connect with them to collaborate in some shape.

Consider sending these influencers free products in exchange for an Instagram or Twitter mention.

The exposure you gain from sending out a few freebies will attract new customers to your business. Support each other by posting the image onto your social accounts, too.

7. Local Marketing Matters

Get back to the basics. Local marketing can be just as important to reach a larger audience as digital ads on Facebook.

Be sure to add your business information to Google My Business. A free Google listing is something you can not pass up, as so many of us utilize Google every hour.

Include your business address and contact information to easily connect with any visitors. Build loyalty with your customers to keep them coming back with quick updates.

8. Clean Website Design

A simple yet effective digital marketing tool comes down to beautiful website design.

The layout you choose for your business can establish the rest of your customer’s experience on your site. Is it easy to navigate? Can the customer leave comments or send questions through an e-mail?

Make sure even the most Internet incompetent person can access your site to find out more information. It has to be mobile friendly and have a fast page speed, too.

More About Digital Marketing

Our top 8 digital marketing tips are essential for business growth.

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