5 Ways to Build Buzz around Your Product Launch

Building buzz around your product launch is the single best way to make sure that it is successful. The ways to do it are well known and easy to follow however, few people actually do them. For whatever reason, I find that many people just ignore these rules and decide to make the same mistakes over and over again.

Tell Me What It Can Do for Me, Not Which Features It Has

People who buy your product likely couldn’t care less how many lines of code it took to write and frankly, they probably don’t care how much it cost to develop either. They want to know what the product will do for them. Show me why this product is something that I need to have and I’ll make a purchase from you. Show me why you think it’s wonderful because it has this widget and that widget and I’ll be yawning and wondering why I should care. And frankly, for the small number of people who want to know about all the features, you can make that available on a separate page. Most people just want to know whether this will help me solve a problem.

Give Freebies to Influencers

No, this is not super easy because those who are influencers in your industry are bombarded with freebies all the time. However, if you send out enough copies to enough influencers, you are much more likely to get someone who actually has a following to take a look at what you have to offer. Get a small number of influencers to check out your product and the bigger names will be more likely to look as well. Eventually, you’ll find that buzz has been built up based on that.

Do Something Worthwhile

Don’t just be a me too product. Show your customers why your product is so different from anything else they’ve ever seen. Let me see why I should care about your new product. Look for example at the iPod – Steve Jobs created an entire market around it. He wasn’t the first person to come up with the idea for an MP3 player. Lots of others made them before him. However, what he did was to make the MP3 player into something cool and that people wanted to own. Ditto for the iPad and iPhone – there were tablets and phones before Jobs. There were even phones with Internet access; but Jobs created something worthwhile and revolutionary.

Do Pre-Orders for Your Product

Pre-orders get people excited because they start talking about it and saying that they feel as if they’re getting in on something special. They can also help you to build up the total number of sales before your official launch meaning that you can easily tell your customers how hundreds or thousands have already signed up.

Make it an Event

Finally, try as much as possible to make your product launch into an event. You could for example do a webinar where you tell your customers all about the product or if you run a bigger company, you could even hold a press conference.

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