5 Truly Great Blogs about Marketing

Listen, as proud as we are of the blog we run here at ListGuy, we’re also aware that there are some truly stellar blogs elsewhere. These are some of the best around in that they inspire others and they indeed have inspired our own writers with great ideas about how to make our marketing efforts even better:


One of the best around in the world of marketing simply has to be the Kissmetrics blog. What we love about it if the fact that the site includes lots of truly useful information along with real world examples. This is a site where you can actually see some screenshots and serious research on what it takes to take your marketing to the next level.


Another great marketing blog, Quicksprout tends to focus more on short, pithy piece of material which teach lessons. Some of the stuff here is truly brilliant and will blow you away. Others, well, they’re not bad either but it’s not quite as informative as Kissmetrics is. We found that some of the blog posts were kind of short without the same substance we’d love to see in a longer piece from them. Still, overall, a great place to spend some time and learn a great deal about marketing.

Mike Filsaime

Ask anyone who is anyone in the world of online marketing for five names of people they would rely on for knowledge and Mike’s name is bound to come up. Mike Filsaime has made a name for himself by showing people just what it takes to do marketing online and actually make a good living at it. A self-made millionaire, Mike is the go to guy online for ideas on how to do your marketing the right way.

Buzz Blogger

Here’s someone who is up and coming and is not as well-known as the other bloggers mentioned here. Kim Roach has been running Buzz Blogger for a few years and she really does know her stuff. We’re consistently impressed with the quality of her ideas, which are always practical and which aren’t designed to always sell you some super expensive product that she happens to have for sale.

John Chow

Finally, John Chow is not necessarily an expert in general marketing. However, his knowledge of making money online through blogging is legendary. Thanks to John’s extensive knowledge and the materials he makes freely available on his blog, it is possible to learn how to make a living online and to do it without needing to spend a fortune.

Our Own…

Of course, don’t forget about our own blog which we think is pretty darn great too. We take great pride in trying to provide you with truly useful information which will help you to build your business and make money online.

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