5 Keys to Great Email Marketing Success

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When it comes to being successful with email marketing as a home based business opportunity seeker, you have to rely on certain general guidelines. These guidelines are in place based on the success of others who have gone before you. They are not rules that are carved in stone, however, what has worked well for others is certainly worth trying, most would agree. Coming up with new and effective ideas on your own may be even more helpful, but start out with these few basics to get some good email marketing going first.

1. Develop great subject lines. Weak subject lines are not going to compel readers to open your message. Unless they open it, it is a waste of your time and effort. Remember, they used a bulk email opt in and declared that they want to hear from you—make it worth it for them by sending out emails that beg to be opened. Stick to a subject of 7 words or less, longer than this will not appear right in most browsers. Subjects longer than this will not appear correctly in many browsers and may be missed.

2. Develop great landing pages. Once a reader opens your email, you want them to be immediately directed to your landing page—which needs to be really catchy. There needs to be a clear call to action that the reader will be unable to resist. Provide clear information about the benefits of taking advantage of your offer.

3. Develop creative content. Make sure that when a reader opens your email that they are met by good content. The message should be professional and positive, for best results.

4. Develop good programming. Make sure that when a reader opens your email that it loads properly and quickly. Avoid complex programming like Flash programming or Java Script, these do not always load right in all browsers, and they will usually load slower even when they work correctly. Keep things simple, use other creative coding, fonts, colors and graphics to make visually interesting emails.

5. Work on deliverability. If your emails are undeliverable, they will not do you any good. Make sure that you are using an email service that is compatible with all of the major (and minor) email programs, so that all of your email address database members will receive your message.

Following these simple guidelines will help you develop a strong email marketing campaign and find success as a home based business opportunity seeker.

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