5 Best Places to Prospect for Network Marketing

Multilevel marketing now accounts for adding more than $36 billion to the economy every year. It’s easy to grow followers online but the rate of converting leads is much smaller than it is offline. If you know the best places to prospect for network marketing, you can quickly expand your network with little effort.

Network marketing allows you to distribute high-quality products and build a management structure piece by piece. By finding the right people to work for you, you can have them either sell a product or find their own network to work with. Through this structure, you can distribute broadly while maintaining a flexible working schedule.

If you’re excited about the opportunities afforded by MLM but don’t know the best places to prospect for network marketing, try these 5 options.

1. Run A Booth

Depending on the company that you end up working for, they might be more than willing to provide you with marketing materials to help you promote. With the right configuration of these materials and with enough confidence, you could run your own trade show booth at a local expo.

Look for an event that’s aligned with the values and concerns that users of your products and services have. Be the answer to their problems by offering product based solutions at the expo.

Come up with a short presentation and a free giveaway. Put together a raffle for products so that you can keep people hanging around for a little longer. The more time you can spend engaging with visitors, the more time you can spend gauging their interest.

Expos and conventions are one of the best places to prospect for network marketing because people are attending in order to network. If you’ve got your MLM pitch down to a science, you can pitch to multiple people at once.

Make sure you’re gathering information from visitors when you have them fill out their raffle form. That way you can start to build a Rolodex of people who you can follow up with once the expo is over.

2. Put Together a Presentation

Do you know who your target market is yet? If not, it’s time to figure that out. While everyone wants their products to be open to any potential customer, there is a specific type of person that your products are designed for.

You need to embrace your target market fully.

If there is a jobs event at a local college or an expo that is strongly based on the industry that your products service, ask to speak about your products. Make the content of your speech something that pertains to the lives of your audience members.

Give them information that they can use.

Don’t be ashamed to tie your products into the question of how to solve the problem that you propose. The purpose of your speaking engagement is to talk about your products.

Make sure to provide everyone with a small token or goodie bag that has your contact information on it. That way, if they decide they want to work with you, they can reach out.

Make sure you focus on closing your pitch in a way that isn’t contrived or over the top.

3. Use The Network Around You

Depending on what the kind of network marketing you’re doing is, you could be getting your close friend and family involved. Nothing brings people together like a project. Working on your multi-level marketing plan is a bonding experience for everyone to work together.

If you’ve got a friend who is struggling to make ends meet, you could be the windfall they’ve been waiting for.

Don’t be afraid to also talk to strangers. If you’re in a long weekend grocery line, you should talk to the people around you. Figure out the most organic way to engage them and do it confidently.

You’ll be surprised by how many people excited about having someone to talk to. They might enjoy network marketing just for the excuse of getting out of the house.

4. Join A Networking Group

Business Networking International has offices all over the country. Join your local chapter and get to know the other people involved. They’re often interested in new business prospects and opportunities.

BNI has a national directory that allows you to share your information with the rest of the network. You can look up other people who live in your area and see if they want to talk about your network marketing concept.

Visit other chapters and ask around. Even if no one wants to get involved with your product, they might know people who are interested. Don’t be afraid to ask for tips and ideas as well.

There’s no insight more valuable than the insight from someone who is already out there doing the work.

5. Get To Know Local Businesses

One of the best places to prospect for network marketing is at other businesses. Getting to know local business owners allows you to build a network in general. Working with them on your MLM project is a bonus.

Call the offices of businesses or executives you’d like to work with. Get a partner so you can walk in more confidently. Work together with your partner and have a short script prepared.

Don’t overthink your script.

Your basic pitch needs to be that there are problems and that you aim to fix it. Then see if those business owners what to get on board. They’ll see the kinds of products you have and the excitement will follow.

The Best Places To Prospect For Network Marketing Are All Around You

When you’re out on the hunt for the best places to prospect for network marketing, you could be overlooking the obvious.

Usually, there is someone with arms-reach who would be great to bring on your team. So long as you pay attention to your surroundings, you’ll be able to build up a strong network easily.

If you’re interested in more network marketing strategies, check out our guides for more ideas.

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