5 Best Network Marketing Companies for Newbies

You’ve made the decision – you see your future in multi-level marketing (MLM). Now what? How are you going to go from “that’s what I want to do” to “this is what I do?”

There are a lot of MLM companies around and it can seem overwhelming. But that’s why we’re here. We’ve looked at them all and compiled a list of some of the best network marketing companies for someone who’s just starting out.


Joining a multi-level marketing company isn’t right for everyone. But for those people who understand how the system works and are willing to put in the effort to make it work for them, well they’ll swear it’s the only way to live.

MLM is an opportunity to get the best of both business worlds. You essentially get to “own” your own company while at the same time you get the security of being part of a larger corporation.

It’s a great opportunity for someone to control their own business and while it is tough, the rewards can be great. Particularly when you’re working for the right company.

The Perfect MLM Company?

There isn’t one. Yes there are great companies to work for and yes you can be successful in their organization, but the perfect company… Is there a “perfect” company anywhere?

Rather than chase a mythical perfect position, why not create one that’s right for you. To do this you’ll need to do a little research.

You need to find out how you fit into the company structure. Will you have the freedom that you want? What is their support structure like? What is the growth potential? When people leave, why do they go?

And perhaps most importantly – do you love the product/service? Find the MLM company that best matches your answers and you’re already on your way to a happy and successful career.

So there’s still that question – there are so many MLM companies, how do you start looking? Well, as we promised, we’ve done the bulk of the lifting for you.

Here are five of the best network marketing companies around.


To describe PartyLite as a “candle company” would be to sell them short. That said, they do offer candles, scented wax, and other products.

It’s really a feeling that they are selling though. Through their scented products, they are offering to give the user a type of exotic relaxation.

Their products won’t just make a home feel good, they’ll provide a transportive experience. It’s an experience that people are buying.

They have been consistently ranked in the top fifty (in terms of sales) MLM companies by Direct Selling News. If that’s not impressive enough, they are also one of the elders in the MLM business, having been around for over 40 years.

Popular products, strong sales, steady business practices. It all goes to show why PartyLite is one of the best network marketing companies around.

Pampered Chef

The next name on the list is another household one and why not? This is an MLM success story if there ever was one.

They were founded in a basement in 1980 and are now owned by Berkshire Hathaway. That, of course, is owned by Mr. Warren Buffet. If it’s good enough for Warren…

They’ve grown by leaps and bounds over the years and become one of best network marketing companies because the products are high quality and they are everywhere.

Don’t let the ubiquitous nature of Pampered Chef scare you off though. New chefs are coming into the kitchen daily and kitchenware is a good gift regardless of the occasion.

Rodan + Fields

If you’re not familiar with this skincare company, you need to get up to speed. Quickly.

This San Francisco based company is one of the hottest and best network marketing companies around right now. As MLM companies go, they come into the business with a great pedigree.

Before they ever dreamed of selling Rodan + Fields branded products, the founders were focused on another, skin-related issue. Acne.

They put their medical backgrounds to work and came up with a little formula called Proactive. Impressive right?

Can lightning strike twice? Even if Rodan + Fields doesn’t achieve the Proactive level of global dominance, it’s sure to be a fun ride with a quality suite of products.


Huge. Huge. Huge. Right now Monat’s line of haircare products have taken the beauty category by storm.

They are popular and trendy but even better, they work. What more could you want?

This is a company with global roots which keeps the prospective customer reach of the product large. They don’t have the legacy of other companies, but as new MLM’s go, they look poised to keep this sales momentum going.


Hard to say yes but their products are easy to comprehend. If you are interested in health and wellness, fitness, and maintaining a “youthful glow” their products are for you.

Founded in 2009, Direct Sales News put them in the top 20 for sales in 2016. They’ve managed this growth with a diverse suite of products that can both stand alone and compliment each other.

This has helped them to cultivate return clients while also providing an attractive entry point for first-time customers. From an MLM “consultant” standpoint, the entry into Jeunesse is a low-impact one. And the potential returns on it are high.

Best Network Marketing Companies

What company will you stake out a career in? We call back to that earlier series of questions and add a simple reminder from thousands of old-school business books: “Do it for the love of the work and the money will follow.”

While there are some MLMs where you can jump in and make a large payday quickly, we caution you to take your time, find an opportunity for you and build your business with care.

The long-term rewards will greatly outweigh any potential short-term benefits from going the alternative route.

What do you think? If you’d like to talk through your plan, we’re here to listen.

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