4 Ways to Use Email Marketing Lists to Make Money

Let’s assume that you’ve developed some Email marketing lists. Let’s also assume that you have a relationship of some kind with these people and that most if not all of them have at least clicked something asking for more information from you.

You may be asking yourself, now what? How do I turn this into real cash instead of just another tool which seems to be sitting around and doing not much of anything for me? Here are four great ways to monetize Email marketing lists and make plenty of money from them:

Sell Your Own Products

Well this is pretty obvious – you sell your own products with Email marketing lists anyway, right? Well, yes you do, but there is a certain way of doing it which will be most effective and another way to do it which will not get you the same number of sales.

In our experience, even if people have a relationship with you, if you constantly bombard them with Emails then they quickly tune you out. On the other hand, if you send out one Email every few months, they’ll also tune you out because they will forget who you are. The ideal is usually around one a week or so. However, the frequency is only part of the equation.

Remember To Offer Value

The other half of the equation is that you need to offer your customers a reason to open your Emails. Sure you can send them Emails letting them know about the great deals you have to offer on your products. However, you should also be offering genuine value with your Emails. If you show them how to unlock new features in the product they already bought from you then you are more likely to get repeat sales from your Email marketing lists than from simply sending them sales messages.

Affiliate Products

This is a tricky way of monetizing high quality Email marketing lists and we recommend using it only on lists you have built up with a reputation rather than on Email lists you purchase from us. The reason is trust – if you are sending out a cold Email to people who don’t know who you are, then you need to build up a relationship with them before you can send them affiliate product pitches.
On the other hand, if you do have a relationship with them, then you can easily send along some affiliate products as well which you can explain “add value” to what they are getting from you.

One of the best ways to make money from Email marketing lists is to send out Ezines. These are either in HTML format or even sent as PDF attachments and they allow people to read news and information. Then, you simply wrap advertising around the news that you send out. Now, not only are you able to advertise your own products, but you are also able to sell advertising from others.

Subscription Services

This works best when you are in certain types of businesses where people will naturally be interested in getting subscription products via Email. So for example if you run a stock tips website, it’s easy to sell a subscription to your Email marketing lists however if you happen to sell vacuum cleaners, it would be much more difficult to do so. That said, this is yet another powerful way to monetize your Email marketing lists.

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