4 Tips for Building a Strong MLM Downline

mlm downline

When it comes to starting up a multi-level marketing business, or expanding your existing MLM downline, developing the downline is often the most challenging part. You have to find great MLM leads, and when you can find cheap MLM leads—or better yet, free MLM leads—then you are going to be better off. The main problem is that you need a large number of leads to get anything really going, as only 3-5% of your MLM leads are going to actually turn into strong and productive members of your network, based on most surveys and statistics. This means that you are putting in a lot of work for only a few conversions, but if you do it right, then those conversions are going to help you be extremely successful with your MLM downline.

1.     Always Seek High Quality MLM Leads

All leads are not created equal. Some will be worth far more than others. Blasting out a request for leads to your entire social media network may not actually get you a large number of high quality leads. This does not mean that you should not do this in practice, because chances are you could get a couple of solid leads this way from people who you are already somewhat familiar with and you didn’t consider them to be a part of your target audience. Frequent social media advertising is recommended, but this is not the main source of your leads, in most cases, just part of your overall internet marketing strategy.

Building an MLM downline is about more than just sending out tons of invites. You have to develop a strong website that clearly advertises your multi-level marketing business, including not only your success story, but information about how to get involved, what the expectations are, and how wonderful this type of business can be for many home based business opportunity seekers.

On your website, be sure to include high quality articles that provide visitors with plenty of information about your company and your entire MLM network. This helps to establish you as an expert, and will help others view you as a successful, knowledgeable entrepreneur, which is very attractive to other home based business opportunity seekers. The more information that they have, the more credible you will become, and the more leads you will ultimately generate. Your website is one of your most powerful tools. Make it polished and professional, and work on the necessary advertising online and search engine optimization that you need to get the traffic that will lead to conversions.

2.     Establish Personal Relationships With MLM Downline Members

It is important that you find a way to personally connect with the members of your MLM downline. They need to feel connected in order to really be a well functioning and productive member of your network. Help them feel like the network is truly a family of home based business opportunity seekers working together toward a common goal and common progress. The beauty of MLM marketing is that when one person is successful, others will benefit as well. You have a vested interest in the success of those people that you recruit for your MLM downline, as their success will directly impact you. Each time they build up their own downlines, yours will become even stronger. When you have a personal connection with the members of your MLM downline, you can truly understand their own strengths and weaknesses, factoring them into your entire network and using each person as a valuable resource and asset, based on their own qualities.

3.     Offer Regular Training Opportunities

Be sure that you do not make the members of your MLM downline feel like they are swinging in the breeze. You want to offer them plenty of support, and often this will come in the form of regular training opportunities. Not every home based business opportunity seeker or entrepreneur comes fully equipped with the knowledge and skills that they need to be successful with MLM marketing, but many of them are fully capable of learning what they need to know in order to make it work. In most cases, all that is needed is the drive and desire to be successful, and the success will follow with proper training.

4.     Listen to the Members of Your MLM Downline

As you build the MLM downline and strengthen the personal relationships, be sure that you are taking the time to truly listen to your members. You want to know how they are doing. Do they have ideas that perhaps could make the MLM downline stronger or more profitable? Multi-level marketing has an advantage of being able to put a lot of heads together and brainstorm for new marketing ideas and strategies. Take advantage of this unique business model and make it work for you. A good manager is able to hear the ideas, complaints, suggestions and other comments from those he or she works with, and either solve the problem or integrate the idea into the system, making it better. Be that kind of manager, if you want to be successful with MLM marketing.

A strong MLM downline is definitely possible, but you have to put a little bit of thought into how you are going to generate the leads, and then how you are going to support new leads so that you can turn them into strong members of the downline. Maintaining the downline so that the profits continue to roll in is a main focus of developing the MLM downline, so ensuring that all of your leads and members are fully satisfied and able to be as productive as possible will make a difference. Finding great leads is only the beginning, you have to be able to keep those leads, turn them into strong members, and help them cultivate their own leads, if you want the downline to turn into what every home based business opportunity seeker is dreaming of—a great way to make money online!

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