3 Tips to Guarantee Your New Business Builders Success

One of the fundamental parts of finding success within the network marketing world is in bringing together the best possible team that you can for your business. While selling products is important, attracting new reps to your downline is a must.

But one of the primary challenges that network marketers struggle with is in ensuring that their downline actually sticks with the process and becomes an important part of your team. As their upline, you’ll be responsible for helping to guide them through the early months of their business and making sure that they are able to thrive.

That’s not always easy to do, but a few tips can help. If you’ll keep these three fundamentals in mind you’ll be able to guide your new reps to success.


Step One – Grounding Expectations

The first thing you’ll need to do is to make sure that you and your new reps are on the same page, and that you both understand everything about the business and their part in it is important. On your side, you’ll need to ground your own expectations by learning things like:

  • How much time each week they can devote to their business
  • What their goals are
  • How large their warm market is, and how effective they think they can be at generating new leads
  • And more

Essentially, you can’t assume that your new rep is going to bring in huge sales. You need to be aware of their limitations and their abilities.

Similarly, they should know that they aren’t going to get rich in a week or even a month. A big part of why many new recruits quit is because they have unrealistic expectations. Be sure that you explain to them just what will go into their business and what realistic goals should be, or else they’ll end up giving up before they even really get started.

Step Two –  Proper Integration

When your new rep joins your team, you need to take steps to make sure that they feel as though they’ve joined a real team. It’s not enough to just give them some basic ‘welcome’ information and tell them to head out there and make sales. Instead, you need to integrate them into your entire team. You can do this in numerous ways including:

  • Personally introducing them to other team members
  • Inviting them into social media groups you’ve set up for your team
  • Providing them with links to other blogs or sites in your group

People love to feel like they’re a part of something special, and when you take the time to really integrate your new rep into your MLM family you’ll be helping them feel like they’ve made the right call by joining your team.

Step Three – Guide Them To Answers

There’s no question that you’ll end up answering plenty of questions for your new rep, but eventually they’ll reach the point where they feel like they’re bothering you and may end up stop asking. Plus, they’re going to be pulling you away from your business. To counter this, give your new rep the information they need to find answers to their questions on their own. This could be your MLM website, informative literature, social media groups, or anything else available. Whatever it is, be sure that you give them a roadmap to answers for the most common questions so they can feel like they’re self-sustaining instead of just doing what you tell them.

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