Monthly Archives: August 2013

A Smart Social Media Mix for Any Business

According to social media business college the Society 3 Academy, this summer marks the 10th anniversary of Social Media. LinkedIn and Myspace were invented roughly within a few months of each other in the summer of 2003, completely unbeknownst to … Read More.

Tying Together SEO and Advertising

Two weeks ago, we kicked off a 4-part series called The Content Marketing Burrito. In Week 1, we discussed how the taste of your Content Marketing burrito – how Google and readers value your company – is in the Meat: … Read More.

The Intersection of SEO and Public Relations

Last post I started off this series with The Meat of a tasty Content Marketing burrito: valuable, original content. While your fresh content is the heartiest, largest layer of your Content Marketing burrito, content alone is but a side dish … Read More.

Content Marketing

Have you heard of “Content Marketing” yet? It’s the loudest buzzword in the digital marketing world currently, especially because virtually anybody can do it (potentially for free) and find great success. How hot is Content Marketing right now? In the … Read More.