Monthly Archives: December 2011

6 Questions to Ask if E-mail List Open Rates Are Low

One issue that many people have when working with e-mail lists is the question of open rates, meaning how often the e-mails actually get opened by the people receiving them. You can generally track these numbers through your e-mail listserv … Read More.

How About a Round of Poker for Marketing List Smarts?

No, I’m not trying to actually get you to play poker with me. I’m no good at it and would lose my shirt to almost any decent poker player out there. However, playing poker, or rather, knowing how to play … Read More.

3 Mistakes New E-mail List Marketers Make

If you are an old hand with e-mail marketing, you may not need to read this, though it’s possible you’ll still find that this blog post is relevant to you. If you are new to e-mail list marketing however, then … Read More.