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Whether you are looking for leads from all fifty states, or want to focus on a specific area, can help. We are the premier provider of direct mail, email, and telemarketing leads for nearly all fifty states. From California to New York, we have just what you need to grow your business.


What Types of Leads Can We Offer for Each State?

At we don’t focus on one specific type of lead or one specific state. We provide leads for just about every type of industry in just about every state. Looking for beauty services and professionals in Nevada? We have that. Maybe you need a database full of health professionals for the Michigan area – we can provide that too. Simply click on the state of your choice to read further about what we have to offer.

We make it easy to see what we have available. Looking for a specific state? Simply click on the state of your choice to see what we can offer. From builders and contracts in Arizona to Christian churches in Georgia to cruise and travel professional in Florida – we offer it all.

State Specific and Industry Specific Leads

As a leading company in marketing lists and sales leads for each state, we understand that no two clients are the same. Just like each target industry requires a different type of marketing, we understand that each client requires different types of leads – which is why we offer a variety of choices. Unlike many other lead companies, we offer our leads in three different types: direct mail, email, and phone leads.

What are the Benefits of Each Type of Lead?

Direct Mail Leads: One of our most popular choices in lead types is Direct Mail. By sending out direct mail marketing pieces to clients in your state of choice, you are directly targeting your chosen client. You will reach more people who will most likely be interested in your products and services – helping to increase your revenue and adding new clients to your list. Direct mail is also a great way to reach more customers who are not likely to learn of your business otherwise. Direct mail can be tailored to a specific type of client or even a specific state, helping to ensure great success. Direct mail is often very successful when sent in connection with major holiday and events. Many of our businesses send out coupons of promotions to customers to help drive traffic to their company. Have a state specific event? Send a direct mail piece! Whether you state is having a birthday or even just a big event, direct mail is a great way for you to reach clients. Whether you need leads for a small town in Idaho, or the “Big Apple” of New York, contact us today to discuss our state specific leads.

Email Leads: Technology savvy clients often find success with Email leads. This type of lead can provide a very cost-efficient way to market clients. You can reach hundreds, if not thousands of clients with the push of a button. With email leads, you can track the outcomes of email marketing. Potential clients can easily become loyal customers after receiving an email from your company. By staying in constant contact with your clients and potential customers, they are more likely to be loyal to your company because you have notified them of upcoming sales and promotions, or maybe just offered them a thank you being a customer. Email is also a very easy way to learn about just what your client wants. Have a new product or service? Send out an email to your clients with information and see what the response its. You can even send surveys out to be completed to help you know which way to guide your business. If you are trying to reach multiple states at once such as North Carolina and South Carolina, or maybe New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island, email is an effect way to reach more than one state in a quick period of time. Have questions about how this is possible? Contact our friendly customer services representative today.

Phone Leads: For businesses who want a more personal and one on one type of marketing, Phone Leads may be your choice. If you are looking for the best way to directly connect with clients in your state, phone leads may be the best way to do that. By communicating with customers on a one to one basis, they are able to feel more connected with your business. Maybe you are a new restaurant in Texas looking to reach more clients, you can use our phone leads to either call or text them about your dinner specials for that evening. Reach a wide audience in a short period of time. Whether you’re in Indiana looking for CPA’s and accounting reps or North Carolina needing elementary school teachers, we can offer phone leads to fit your needs. Call us today for more information!

Reach Out to Clients and Get Started Today

At we update our data frequently, providing you with the most current, up to date leads available for whatever state you need. You wont be disappointed! With high quality leads, incredible customer service, and over 10,000 satisfied businesses from across the country to back us up, you can count on us to provide just what you need in leads. Don’t wait another day to start reaching your target audience in your state, get started today by contacting our customer service agents (800) 547-8489. We’re here and ready to help make your business even more successful.