SIC Codes

SIC codes are still not a widely well-known resource that could greatly increase your marketing and business efforts.

These codes are four-digit numbers assigned to every single business in the entire nation. They can help you find the exact type of company you are searching for and also allow you to target your results to a particular region or other demographic. This can have great benefits when it comes to compiling a specific audience to which you might want to sell or with which you can do business. Without needing to spend endless hours researching what business are in certain areas, you can easily search for them by their designating codes and have all of this useful information right there at your fingertips.

The way to read SIC codes is very simple once you know the particular industry for which you are searching. The first two digits designate the major industry group, while the third number signifies the industry group and the fourth identifies the specific industry itself. In essence, each extra digit serves to further refine your search. In order to find the type of business for which you are looking, you simply need to find out the code for a business you are interested in and then search for a similar number. You can then filter those results according to many different characteristics.

By being able to get this highly targeted information, you can then find the exact business with which you want to market or with which to do business. In terms of marketing, advertising, B2B sales, and even when it comes to looking for suppliers and distributors in order to start your own business, SIC codes can make finding these companies a very easy task. Without them, finding your desired businesses would require you to go out into the community and spend lots of time compiling a list.

If you are looking for companies that are outside of your direct area, the process becomes even more difficult. It could take hours and hours of work to compile this data on your own, whereas using these numeric codes can take mere minutes. Not only is it much quicker, you will also most likely get a much larger list of results than had you been searching on your own. As every business is assigned a unique code, there is no risk of missing out on a potential lead. Therefore, SIC codes are an indispensable resource.

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