Young Living is focused on providing great essential oils to customers, but helping members become all that they can be is important as well. Young Living training resources are designed to help make it easier for new recruits to understand what the company can offer then and to help them get the most from the company and what it offers.

It’s easy to understand the big advantages of a company like Young Living, where a great product is combined with money making opportunities and a stellar compensation plan. that anyone can utilize. But while it’s important to set goals and have dreams of success, you also need to understand that actually making things work for you will be a bit more difficult.

The Truth About Earning Potential

So just what is the potential for earning with this company? Even with the Young Living training resources, the overall amount that you could earn will really depend upon what you put into the system. As with most businesses, it’s about generating leads and making the company work for you.

In short, you need to set realistic goals and understand how to reach them. It’s not a get rich overnight system, and while working hard at your success can help you reach your goals, you need to be willing to put forth time, money, and energy.

Young Living Training Basics

Young Living has a unique training focus in that they don’t just provide resources related to lead generation or marketing. Instead, they combine those with a closer look at the principles behind the use of the oils the company is founded upon. In fact, the company offers numerous training transcripts of past seminars that can help make it easier to master the fundamentals of these oils.

When you enroll in training seminars or obtain Young Living training materials, you’ll spend a considerable amount of time learning more about getting the most from the oils and about the oils themselves. This information is intended to give you the knowledge needed to educate potential customers and to bring better team members into your group of associates. In fact, Young Living training events often make it easy to bring a friend who isn’t part of Young Living in order to give them a clearer look at what the company is all about.

How To Find Success

So just how can you go about finding success at being a Young Living representative? There are a few key elements that need to come together in order to create a total process you can use to improve your success chances and find the path to your goals. Here are some key things to keep in mind.

  • Understanding the products. As mentioned above, Young Living training seminars are set up to help teach you about all of the oils and products you will be selling. The more you know about the products, the better you will be at answering questions and at matching potential customers with the products that they need.
  • Know the system. Another thing to remember is that you need to understand how best to earn. Things like the multi-tiered earning system, Fast Start Bonuses, and more will all help you get better at maximizing your earnings. You can identify the different ways to make additional profits and use them to their fullest.
  • Develop your pitch. Know the key talking points of Young Living and the main benefits of being a member and of the oils themselves. But also make it your own. People can easily identify a phony, pre-rehearsed pitch. The key is bringing your identity and your passion to the pitch and ensuring that you stand out.
  • Market the right way. You should be using everything at your disposal to get attention. From the internet and social media to local ads to setting up displays in consignment shops and beyond, your marketing strategy needs to work for you and your location. Be sure you understand how to get the most from the process.
  • Get involved with the company. There are numerous events out there that can help you learn more about Young Living, experience new products, and find out more about how you can make the company work for you. From retreats to education events and beyond, there’s always something going on.
  • Learn to generate leads. Lead generation is the single most important part of the entire process of marketing and succeeding in business. There are numerous steps you can take, and the key is making sure that you use all of the ones that fit into your strategy. Once you master lead generation you will see profits increase dramatically.

The Key To Lead Generation

So with lead generation being so important, what’s the secret to success with it? If you look at most Young Living training strategies, you’ll notice that the primary focus of making sales lies within your initial comfort zone.

Sure, marketing to friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers is a good starting point. But let’s be honest – they’re not going to be enough to really support your business. The people who become true leaders in multi-level marketing like Young Living are those who understand how to step out of their initial comfort zone and reach those who are strangers or peripheral acquaintances. Once you start using different tools to step out of your comfort zone and generate leads elsewhere, you can start gaining additional success.

Measuring Your Success

The key elements to true success are traction, measurable success, and income. Income speaks for itself, and you’ll gain more and more traction through your lead generation efforts, but what about measurable success?

This really comes down to you and the goals you set for yourself. Are you just trying to earn enough to pay for your oils? Do you want to earn a certain amount of extra cash to help with bills? Or are you trying to start a true business? Knowing what you want to achieve is the first step towards being able to identify your goals and reaching them. Once you define success for yourself you can start working towards it.