The internet has given millions of people access to more opportunities than ever imagined before, and for those looking for wonderful products, great opportunities, and more there are plenty of choices out there. A perfect example is Young Living, providing great essential oils to customers while offering unique business opportunities to those who want to start their own business and earn great pay in the process.

But before you get started with using the products or with becoming a part of the Young Living family, it’s worth spending some time learning more about the company, its products, the compensation plan and what it can do for you.

The Young Living Story

Young Living was founded in 1994 by Gary and Mary Young. The year prior, they had created an organic herb farm and distillation company and quickly realized that essential oils offered people tremendous benefits. The idea was simple – provide the best essential oils on the market and reach the widest possible customer base.

Along the way, Young Living grew and evolved into something more. Today, it offers the chance to become a Young Living team member and start selling these great oils for yourself – creating a company in the process.

The Young Living Difference

Young Living has farms and distilleries for essential oils all around the world, built from the ground up on a commitment to deliver the best oils available. Each step of the process sets them apart from others in the field – they take pride in overseeing the entire production process to make sure that all oils and products are of the highest quality to ensure complete satisfaction.

But it goes beyond the products. At Young Living, the idea is to give opportunities to those who are interested in starting their own business and who are as passionate about essential oils as they are. Young Living team members include parents, students, business leaders, and many more who all share two common ideals – bettering their own situation, and providing great oils to those they come into contact with.

The company also gives back. The Young Living Foundation is a non-profit group our company focuses on to help improve the lives of families living in poverty throughout countries like Uganda, Croatia, and Ecuador. Simply put, the company does believe in giving back to the world that we live in. That’s the key difference that sets Young Living apart from so many other companies out there.

Essential Oil Basics

Young Living is founded on one principle – delivering the best essential oils to the widest possible amount of people. But what are essential oils, exactly? Basically, these are oils that are derived directly from plants. The extraction process retains the energy and properties of the plant including its natural aromas.

The oils can then be used in numerous ways – in aromatherapy processes, as topical ointments, and even as ingredients in recipes. Think of essential oils as refined versions of the plants they’re extracted from and you have a good idea of what they can do.

Studies have found that essential oils can help in numerous therapeutic processes ranging from relaxation to headache relief and beyond. And at Young Living, representatives sell individual oils as well as unique blends designed to help with different situations – along with additional health and wellness products based on the oils, all with the high quality that customers expect and deserve.

How Does It Work?

You know the basics of essential oils, but the next step is understanding how to go further and join the Young Living family as a representative. This gives you the chance to help others improve their wellness while also starting and developing your own business.

In the Young Living model, you become a part of a company that exceeded $1 billion in sales for the 2015 year. In other words, you’ll be joining a team that works. Signing up allows you to start earning money immediately, and you’ll do so by ordering products directly from the comany at wholesale prices, then selling to those around you. You’ll be a distributor for the products that are sent to you from the company.

As you grow your business, you can move beyond basic sales and bring others onto your team. You earn additional income based upon their performance, helping increase your revenue even further. It’s a straightforward system that lets you build up your income streams and reach your income goals.

You’ll want to start off by ordering a starter kit, then placing your product order. From there, you can start understanding more about the products and how to market them. Once you’re ready, start bringing more team members into the Young Living world and see your income grow even more.

Can You Succeed?

One of the biggest questions Young Living representatives are asked is simply whether or not they will be able to succeed in this endeavor. The answer is – it depends. Success is here and ready for those who are willing to put forth the time, energy, and effort needed to thrive in this market.

In order to help you along, Young Living has numerous bonuses and incentives like the Fast Start Bonus that are in place to help you improve sales. Additionally, mastering the art of marketing online and in your community will help you succeed even further. Patience matters, and as long as you learn the keys to being a success you can start working towards your goals. It’s not easy, and you need to remember that Young Living isn’t offering you a magic, get rich quick scheme. It’s a viable business opportunity, and that means that you need to be ready to put forth the same kind of effort that owning any business would require.

Simply put, when you combine a tremendous product, passion for wellness and health, and a solid business opportunity it becomes clear that Young Living is well worth paying attention to for highly motivated individuals. There are numerous support resources available from Young Living to help you along your way, but you are the key to your own success and generating solid leads is vital.

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