Young Living Compensation Plan

At Young Living, the focus has always been on delivering customers the best possible essential oils on the planet, and it’s something that we’ve done for decades. However, they also value their team members in a big way, which is why they work hard to create a compensation plan that offers great rewards to their representatives.

They know that compensation plans can be overwhelming, though. While they have set up the Young Living compensation plan to be as straightforward as possible, they also designed it with the idea that you grow and evolve as a business leader, becoming one of their diamond level members and earning the big rewards that it can provide.

With that in mind, it’s worth taking a closer look at some of the key elements that make up the Young Living compensation plan. There are three key levels to their approach:

  1. Create Your Foundation – Businesses rise and fail based on the strength of their foundation. You’ll start off by creating a solid foundation with a great team.
  2. Build And Evolve – Once you get started, the next step is bringing others onto your own team, building your business and growing it in significant ways.
  3. Become A True Leader – Once your business is thriving, your passion for Young Living will only grow. The next thing you’ll want to do is become a true leader, guiding others towards the kind of success that you have.

That’s the 3 step process they truly believe in. But it can still be tricky to understand the basics of the Young Living compensation plan. A few other things deserve some attention as well.

Your Business Basics

The Young Living compensation plan begins with one simple thing – sales. The foundation of your business will be selling the great essential oils. This is where Young Living really stands out – the product is something that plenty of people want and that will benefit so many.

You begin your journey as a distributer, working to sell oils to those who need or want them. As you continue to sell, you’ll start to bring in others onto your team. For everything they sell, you earn even more. The process is structured around Organizational Group Volume, or OGV. For example, if you and your team reaches 2,000 OGV for a month, you could earn between $150 and $500. The more you sell and the more that your team sells, the more you will all make.

Additionally, it’s worth remembering that you can earn the 24% difference between retail and wholesale prices on orders for retail customers you personally sponsor. That’s a big gain, and one that can serve as the foundation of your success. In the end, however, you still need to generate solid leads to grow the business.

Different Levels For Success

The design of the Young Living compensation plan is built on a tiered system that rewards you more for each level you reach. As your OGV increases, you begin to earn additional commissions. You can earn as much as 8% commission on Unilevel sales within your team. And as you increase your business you can become a true star and take part in the Rising Star Team Bonus Pool. This can let you earn shares based on 1% of all commissionable monthly sales in the Young Living world. The higher your team’s performance, the more shares you can earn in this system.

The Fast Start Bonus

One of the hardest things about starting any business is generating that initial revenue and staying motivated. That’s where the Fast Start Bonus comes in. This part of the Young Living compensation plan provides a 25% bonus on all of your personally enrolled distributors’ orders during their first 3 months as part of the team, up to a maximum bonus of $200

It rolls upwards, too. Second level enrollers can earn 10% on each of those distributors up to a maximum of $80 in bonuses.

That’s a great incentive not only for you, but for all of the distributors who are part of your team. It can help give you the kickstart you need to really thrive in the business and become a lifelong member of the Young Living team.

Start Living Bonus

This is a quick bonus that you can earn on fast. You’ll earn a one-time $25 bonus in cash when your personally enrolled distributor orders their Premium Starter Kit. This lets you earn some extra money and allows them to experience the benefits that Young Living essential oils can bring to their lives.

Becoming A Leader

Once you move on and start to become an even greater asset to the Young Living community, you can earn even more. Going “Diamond” can bring you additional commission percentages, and is based upon your sales and the total OGV of your team. It’s an extension of the tiered system the Young Living compensation plan is built on.

Finding Success In Your Efforts

All of the information above can seem confusing and complex, and at times it can be. But there are a few key elements to remember that can help you stay focused on your success and reach your goals. Here are some of the things to keep in mind.

  • Understand the oils. Start off by ordering your starter kit and experiencing the oils for yourself. Then, learn more about additional oils and blends that Young Living has to offer. This lets you gain a deeper understanding of the product, which translates to better sales.
  • Build your team wisely. Start with friends and family members who may appreciate the benefits of oils, and see if they’re willing to become part of your team. From there, branch out into your community and start getting people to notice you and the oils you can provide to them.
  • Marketing matters. From local ads to a Facebook page and beyond, be sure that you take the time to understand how to market yourself and your product. If you do this you can start taking significant steps towards being a successful part of the Young Living team.

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