What is It Plexus Worldwide

The key to figuring out whether or not a business opportunity is really the right one for you will always come down to one key thing – research. Understanding whether or not Plexus Worldwide is a good fit for your goals and your life, for example, means taking a closer look at it and what it can provide. With that in mind, let’s break down some of the key info that you need to know before signing up to join this team.

What Is Plexus Worldwide?

The first thing to do is just take a look at what Plexus Worldwide is and what it focuses its sales process on. Plexus is a company that delivers high quality weight loss and health supplements to consumers. It’s a Multi-Level Marketing organization that not only generates income through direct sales, but through the distributors who join its ranks.

The products themselves are marketed through their effectiveness as well as an appeal to combat obesity, and the company actually makes numerous mentions of the obesity related issues the country faces. Considering that more than one-third of American adults are obese, there is obviously a market for weight loss related products.

Beyond the products is the opportunity to sign on as a distributor for the company and to begin to sign on other distributors to make up your core team. In doing so you can build your own business opportunity.

In 2011 the company launched a combination of Plexus Slim and Plexus Accelerator and results have been beyond the expectations initially set. Currently the business is going strong, but is it the right choice for you?

How Do People Earn Money Through Plexus?

Plexus Worldwide is set up as a multi-level marketing company, and as such it enlists the help of members who want to become distributors for the product. If you sign on to be a representative, there are a few ways you’ll earn as detailed in the Plexus compensation plan.

The company touts its flexibility and the many ways to earn as being key reasons that it’s worth paying attention to. In fact, a total of 11 different ways to earn are highlighted in the plan. These are in addition to the direct sales commissions that you earn when you make a sale at the retail level. Some of the ways you can earn include:

  • Business Building Bonus – This offers a percentage of a welcome pack’s purchase back to you when your new ambassador joins and buys one of the packs. The payments also roll downwards through different levels.
  • Achievement Bonuses – As you rise through the ranks on the tiered ambassador ranking system, you’ll receive bonus payouts that can range from $100 all the way up to $750. These are one-time bonuses.
  • Guaranteed Payout – This is a key selling point for many. At the end of each month, 50% of the company’s revenue from gross product volume is placed into one of 4 separate pools. At the end of that month, the money is paid out to all Qualified Ambassadors. This is guaranteed income, and depending upon the pool that you qualify for you could earn significant amounts of money just by being a successful ambassador.
  • Fast Start Achievement Bonus – If you reach Gold, Senior Gold, Ruby, or Senior Ruby within the first 39 days of being an ambassador you can earn huge payouts.
  • Preferred Customer Program – This offers you a bonus payout based on the orders of your preferred customers.
  • Website Commissions – You’ll also earn a commission of between 15 and 25 percent on the purchases customers make on your website.

Additionally, you earn in a similar manner to other network marketing companies compensation plans in that the sales of your ambassador team will pay you a commission as well. The more you have on your team and the more you all sell, the better your profits could be.

Training And Support Systems

It can be complicated to really understand the principles of how Plexus Worldwide works and how to leverage it for the highest potential earnings. But while attending events and lectures can indeed give you information on the system and the products – not to mention generate a tremendous amount of passion and excitement – the reality is that you need to take additional steps in order to get the most from the plan.

This means finding and making connections, moving towards lead generation, unlocking the secrets to better marketing, and more. One of the main reasons that so many people assume that the company is a scam is simply that they don’t’ fully learn how to make the most from what it offers them.

Plexus operates under all compliance regulations set forth by the government, and it is indeed a legitimate opportunity for those looking to elevate their income. But when they fail due to poor training, they assume that it’s entirely because the organization is a scam.

Mastering The System

If you’re joining Plexus Worldwide, you’ll be signing on to a team of professionals that provide health products to customers around the country. However, a few things will help you get the most from the process.

The foundation is simply to understand as much as you can about the system including how it pays out profits and how the tier structuring works. You’ll also want to learn all about the products so you can effectively market and sell them.

Finally, you have to be willing to go beyond those who are close to you when generating sales. Your friends and family can’t support your business and as a result you’ll need to learn the secrets of better lead generation in order to capitalize on everything that Plexus has to offer you.

The Bottom Line

Simply put, Plexus Worldwide could be a viable business opportunity for you. But you’ll need to be realistic about what you can earn and what kind of effort it will take to reach goals. If you approach it with plenty of research and a good understanding of marketing and lead generation, you could find success as well.

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