One of the fundamentals to actually turning your efforts in being a Plexus ambassador into true profits is simply being able to understand the basics of the Plexus compensation plan. This MLM company focuses on selling and distributing various health and weight loss supplements to those who need them, and the selling of those products forms the basis of your income. However, as with any MLM program your success will largely depend upon the kind of business you structure for yourself.

Understanding the basics of the Plexus compensation plan is the key to being able to learn how to leverage the company to your advantage and earn the most. In fact, the company states that more than 90,000 Plexus ambassadors earn enough through their company to get their products for free. Then, it takes about 15 months for ambassadors to reach Sapphire rank, where additional income starts to really kick in.

However, it’s also important to remember that results will vary greatly. According to the company’s own data, for example, about 82% of ambassadors earn around $446 per year – enough for their products. About 1.5% earn more than $12,000 annually, and roughly 0.04% earn more than $442,000.

When you compare that to the national average salary of just over $28,000, it’s easy to get dollar signs in your eyes and dream of reaching that $442,000 or even a $51,000 income level from selling something you love. But is it reality?

The Basics Of The Plexus Compensation Plan

Before we delve further into what the reality of things are for you, let’s look at the overall basics of the Plexus compensation plan. The company highlights the relative simplicity of the plan, and compared to some other MLM opportunities out there it is indeed much easier to grasp the basics of. A few things stand out as being of particular note.

  • For starters, you earn money for each sale you make of the products. By ordering at wholesale prices and then selling at retail costs, you’ll earn markup on sales.
  • You also earn retail commissions based on your overall Personal Sales Volume that is over $100. This can be between 15 and 25% and can net you big bonuses depending on your performance.
  • Ambassadors receive a bonus based on preferred customer orders, too. These are customers who set up an account to have their products shipped automatically each month, and you earn based on their payout as well.
  • Online sales matter as well, and you get between 15 and 25 percent of the commission from all sales made on your website.

There are numerous additional bonuses set up as well, from a fast start bonus to achievement bonuses based on your performance during your first 60 days of membership and beyond. The Plexus compensation plan details these even further.

The Plexus Compensation Pools

One thing that sets the Plexus compensation plan apart from other MLM plans is the guaranteed pool payouts. Here’s a rundown of how it works.

There is a guaranteed payout for every qualified ambassador. A total of 50% of the company’s overall revenue from gross product volume – or GPV – is placed into one of four different pools. Each month, the money is distributed to the ambassadors who qualify for the payouts associated with the pools. These pools include:

  • Ambassador Pool (45%) – 45% of the GPV will be placed into this pool. It’s the one that is primarily shared by most ambassadors, and is where the majority of income streams come for them.
  • Emerald Pool (3%) – This is paid out to ambassadors who reach emerald status. It’s paid out only to these members and is 3% of the total sales of the company’s GPV.
  • Sapphire Pool (1%) – This pool is made up of 1% of the GPV and is paid to those who receive sapphire status. However, these members also receive payment from the emerald pool as well.
  • Diamond Pool (1%) – This s the highest tier one can reach, and those who receive compensation from this pool also receive their payments from the emerald and sapphire pools as well.

What does it take to reach those Emerald or Sapphire levels? It varies, but begins at the Emerald level when you sponsor and maintain 6 ambassadors on your team and earn a minimum of 1,500 points per month. Beyond this, additional points and members will be needed to move into Sapphire or Diamond status. You not only earn from the payment pools, but are paid based on Plexus points earned as well as your retail sales and commissions from those working underneath you.

That’s the secret to getting the best success from the program and the Plexus compensation plan – being able to combine the different methods of earning into a total, overall strategy. You can’t rely solely on retail sales if you really want to take your profits to the next level. You’ll need to take advantage of multiple revenue streams.

Understanding How To Make It Work For You

One of the key appeals of Plexus Worldwide is that it’s easier and more affordable to start. For as little as $34.95 you can get enrolled and then order affordable starter packages. But one thing you need to keep in mind is what you’re hoping to get from the process. Some will only earn enough to pay for their products and be happy with that, while others will be attempting to earn enough to pay for a new car or mortgage. Setting a clear goal is the first step towards overall success.

As long as you begin by knowing how earning works through the Plexus compensation plan, you’ll be on the path to reaching realistic goals. But you also need to make sure that you understand how to generate leads that will translate to long term sales. The hardest issue for those in the Plexus organization is keeping momentum – sales could stall or your own distributors may drop out, in which case you’ll have to replace them. Being able to keep creating leads is a must when you want success.

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