Nerium training programs include a wide range of events and seminars, each one designed to help you understand what the company offers, generate excitement, learn new sales techniques, and more. The idea of attending these meetings is clear – find out how to generate more sales for your business so you can earn bigger amounts and improve your life as a result. And when you start looking at the testimonials of those who are earning big, it seems like your dreams can come true.

But that’s not often the reality. Once you leave the meeting and head home to get started, the actual process of generating sales and bringing new members onto your team starts to become a lot harder to do. All the training in the world and even a strong, unbreakable work ethic won’t be enough to get you through the process if you can’t grow and evolve your company properly.

What’s the problem? Believe it or not, it’s in the approach – often the approach that you learn by attending Nerium training programs – that holds you back!

Is Nerium a Scam?

The easy answer to this is no, it’s not an outright scam. However, plenty of people feel that it is because they feel that they were promised huge paydays for sitting around at home and selling products.

Nerium follows all guidelines from the US government and is completely legitimate, but it still gets labeled as a scam in some cases because people just don’t understand how it works. It’s not their fault – the company makes it sound easy to earn big, and that translates to people using easy marketing steps like spam emails, random social media messages, posts on blog comment boards, and more.

Those things don’t work. Have you ever clicked on a spam email that promised you millions? Probably not, and even if you have you’re in the minority. But that’s the problem – most who sign up for a MLM opportunity like Nerium don’t fully understand how to really market effectively.

A Closer Look At The Nerium Compensation Plan

Based on the Nerium Compensation Plan, you’ll earn money for ever sale you make, every preferred customer you sign up, and every team member you bring on board who makes a sale. In short, you can quickly earn some cash in your early days of being a member. But that’s where most people end up stopping – once those initial sales taper off and they start struggling to find new members, things fall apart for them.

The first thing that you have to understand is that your profits are directly related to the generations of distributors in your upline. In short, you have to make a lot of sales or start getting a big downline of your own – fast. Add to this the issue with new distributors dropping out of the plan relatively quickly when they don’t succeed, and the urgency becomes even more noticeable. You have to recruit new team members to replace any that may give up along the way, and then recruit more on top of that in order to keep building your company.

That means a lot of work, and a lot of connections that you’ll need to make as you go through the process of building a solid team. And that means mastering not only the basics of the plan and the products, but also getting a clear idea as to how to market effectively.

Looking Beyond Your Circle

What we’re talking about here is the inherent problem with Nerium training events – they generate plenty of excitement and can help you learn new tips and about new products, but are they really helping you network and connect with new customers? Sure, you’ll meet others who are already members – but that isn’t helping you.

The other main issue is that through the Nerium training system, the focus is on a few basic things:

  • Making sales
  • Signing up preferred customers
  • Signing up distributors on your team
  • Repeating over and over again

And at its core, that’s the principle behind success. But the issue is that for most, the focus will be on ‘warm marketing’ techniques. This means that your initial marketing strategy will be the same as most who enter a MLM opportunity – targeting people you know. And your friends, family, and co-workers may very well sign up for an order or even join your team in an effort to support you.

But what happens next is the problem for many. If you don’t know how to effectively go beyond that initial circle of support, you will fail in this business, to put it bluntly. This means that you need to start using better lead generation and strong closing strategies. Without these, you’ll end up struggling to sign up any additional team members and as a result, you’ll struggle to succeed.

The key? Not sounding like every other MLM professional who’s out there. Think about your pitch. There’s a good chance that it’s similar to the same ones others are using – and that it’s promoting Nerium more than it is you. Instead, you need to develop strategies that let people look at you differently and appreciate what you can offer to them.

Finding Success With Nerium

You can indeed become one of the Nerium success stories, but you have to open your mind and look beyond the basics. Often, MLM systems serve as a kind of training ground for you to pursue future business ventures with more confidence. Even if you don’t make it with Nerium, you’ll have leverage and experience that you can use to succeed in your next business.

But if you understand how to really use the system and how to master better marketing skills, you could build a great business through Nerium, too. The products are there, and they’re respected as being well worth the money. The secret lies in how you make them work for you. Think outside the box and learn how to really market yourself, and you could get some great results with this system.

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