Nerium Compensation Plan

Nerium is an MLM company that has gained a lot of attention over the last few years since its launch in 2011, with a lot of coverage in various news and media outlets. The company specializes in selling different health and beauty products including anti-aging creams and lotion.

Along with the products, the company offers a chance for customers to become part of the Nerium family by signing up as a distributor. Once you’re a distributor you’re able to sell the products and start earning profits based on your sales and on the sales that your team generates.

The Nerium compensation plan is designed to provide new distributors with a support system as they start off in the business, and is structured to help them earn thanks to the numerous bonuses and commission payouts. But to get the most from it, you’ll still need to understand several key points. It’s worth taking a closer look at some of the specifics to help you understand what to do when trying to earn.

Primary Earning Methods

There are several different ways to earn money through the Nerium compensation plan. Most are easily recognizable and familiar to anyone who has worked in an MLM company before or who has researched into them. Here are some of the main ways you earn.

Retail Sales

Retail sales let you earn just like a retail level business. You order Nerium products right from the company at a wholesale price, then sell them at the retail price. Your profit is the difference between the two. Those with higher customer volumes will find that this ends up being a solid foundation for your company’s income stream.


Depending upon your retail sales, you’ll also earn commissions if you sell additional volume. Customer Volume, or CV, is measured and is the basis of your commission earnings. For example, sell a CV total of 201 to 500 (about 3 to 6 bottles), and you earn a 10% commission on the sales. You can move up to a 25% commission with strong sales.

Additionally, you earn commission percentages on the sales of your team. By bringing new distributors into the family, you’ll be giving them a chance to start earning as well. And the more that they sell, the more you can earn as well since you get a cut of their sales – it’s not deducted from their earnings, but is instead deducted from the company’s revenue from the sales. That way, you both keep earning. The total is between 5 and 10 percent of their activity, and it goes directly to you.

The Customer Acquisition Bonus

Nerium touts their products as being the best anti-aging creams on the market. That’s why a big portion of customers are encouraged to sign up for a recurring monthly charge that lets them get their products shipped right to their door regularly. Every time you sign up a preferred customer, you get a bonus payout. You can earn from $16 to $60 in bonuses for signing up these customers.

Builder Bonus

Those new distributors that you sign up need help, too. Network marketing requires solid momentum in order to thrive. As a result, enrolling people and keeping them working on their own sales is vital to your success. The Builder Bonus is a ‘fast start’ bonus that lets you earn a bonus of $250 for helping one of your new distributors land three of their own brand partners within their first 30 days with Nerium.

The Success Pack Bonus

When you sign up as a Brand Partner with Nerium, you’ll have several options for starter packs. And if you manage to get your team of distributors to join and order a success pack, you’ll earn bonuses based on doing so. The success pack is intended to help them succeed, but can net you a tidy profit at the same time.

Advantages Of The Nerium Compensation Plan

So what stands out as being great about the Nerium Compensation Plan? A few key points:

  • Rewards for building teamwork. Many MLM companies really put the focus on getting you to sign up more people, but from there they’ll be on their own. With Nerium, team building is a key part of compensation. That means that helping your team can help you in more ways than you realize.
  • Landing three customers essentially gets your own products free. This is great for those who love the Nerium product line.
  • The design of the plan makes it easier to start seeing a return on your investment within a month. Other MLM programs often require much more time before results and profits start showing up.

Disadvantages of the Nerium Compensation Plan

There are a few drawbacks to the plan, but they’re in line with the disadvantages associated with most MLM companies and include:

  • The top earning reports can make it seem like it’s easy to earn huge checks. The reality is that only a small percentage will reach that level.
  • Volume doesn’t match dollar amounts. That means it can be more complex to determine where you rank in the payout system.
  • Overall, the numerous different ways to get paid can be distracting and even a bit confusing for many.

Making The Plan Work For You

There is a future for those who are entering the Nerium family, the key is just understanding how to make the system work for you. Education means a lot, and beginning by understanding all that you can about the great products you’ll be selling should be your first step. From there, gaining a solid understanding of the system that you’re earning with will matter – review the Nerium compensation plan fully.

However it’s also important that you take the time to learn how to really generate strong leads. Poor marketing skills are the downfall of many who enter MLM businesses, and the reality is that you’re going to have to start networking and marketing in order to reach those who are outside of your immediate comfort circle. If you can master this side of the business, you may be surprised with your results.

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