What is Nerium?

Those looking for opportunities to earn money online will likely find plenty of choices. One that stands out is Nerium, and the company has gained significant attention over the last few years. In fact, products have been featured in a huge range of magazines like Natural Solutions and Cosmopolitan. Meanwhile, the business and its opportunities have been the focus of several reports including discussions in the Dallas Business Journal, People.com, and more.

All that attention is great, but what does the business really do, and how does it work as an opportunity for you? Taking a closer look makes sense and could help you decide on whether or not it’s a smart choice for your situation.

Nerium sells skin creams, lotions, and other beauty products that are designed to help fight the signs of aging and give people the confidence they deserve. The products themselves are of the highest quality, and the country’s interest in looking your best helps them stand out when attempting to market them.

The company is an MLM organization that allows you to sign up to be a distributor and sell the products while recruiting others to sell as well. For each distributor that joins your team, each sale you make, and each sale that they make, you’ll continue to increase profit margins. There are plenty of testimonials about the company and what it can offer, but does it work for you?

A Short History Of Nerium

Nerium was launched in 2011 in Addison, Texas and was founded on the principles of providing exceptional products while also giving people the opportunity to improve their own lives. The company was built on the shoulders of the Nerium Age-Defying Night Cream, but today it has expanded to include many different products – all with a health and beauty focus.

Today, Nerium employs more than 400 people, has won multiple awards, and achieved $400 million in annual revenue in 2014 alone. Along the way it has even raised money for Big Brothers Big Sisters, helping raise $1 million for the organization.

The basic ideal behind what Nerium does is simple – you sign up to be a distributor and place orders accordingly. Then you sell the products you have received for a profit. That’s the foundation, but there’s obviously more to it than this.

How Do You Earn With Nerium?

But just how do you earn? There are a lot of different facets to the Nerium compensation plan that are worth looking at. The foundation is of course the sales that you make, and you’ll be able to buy products at wholesale prices and then resell them for retail prices, earning the difference as you go. It’s the same as a retail store system, and is the key to starting a business based on this company.

Nerium also has a preferred customers system that lets customers sign up for recurring purchases that send their products to them monthly with no need for them to constantly order. If you sign up a preferred customer, you get a commission bonus that can range from $16 up to $60. That money can add up fast for you, supplementing your retail sales.

You’ll also earn commission off the personal sales you make, based on your CV – or “Customer Volume”. This could get you anywhere from a 10% to 25% commission.

There are also numerous bonus incentives built into the system including starter pack bonuses if you help build a team of performing salespeople quickly and for keeping your sales momentum moving forwards.

As with other MLM opportunities, the amount that you earn will directly be tied to the team you create. The more distributors you sign up, the more commission you will earn since you get a percentage of each of their sales. This translates to opportunities for them and you, plus significant bonuses upon reaching certain tiers.

The company even offers bonuses ranging from iPads to a brand new Lexus if you hit certain marks.

Nerium Training And Support

There are plenty of resources out there offering Nerium training tools and techniques that you can use to help improve your sales. The company holds conferences and other events periodically to help you network, learn more skills, and improve your results at selling the products and building your team.

But the fact is that for many, this level of training isn’t what leads to true success. For every representative who thrives with Nerium, a dozen will fail just because they don’t understand the steps needed to keep growing a strong list of customers and creating an excellent team of representatives. In other words, they don’t grasp the concept of lead generation and effective marketing.

The reason? Warm marketing techniques. Looking into the systems that most will use when they start getting into Nerium, only a few things will stand out – they’ll start by trying to convince friends, family, and co-workers to either make a purchase or to become a distributor through them. Then, they’ll start using email spam and a bland Facebook page to try to attract potential leads.

The reality is that lead generation is the key to getting the best results from Nerium and what it offers. The great products are there, and are backed by a solid reputation and plenty of positive coverage in the press. But if you end up just trying to sell them like everyone else does, you’ll never get ahead.

The Bottom Line

Nerium isn’t a scam, despite what some claim. The reality is that it’s a business opportunity that is very real, but that only a select group will end up succeeding with. To make sure that you’re one of those people, you need to understand how Nerium works and how MLM lead generation works as well. It’s all about momentum, gathering leads, and using your downline the right way for better profits.

We can help you master the secrets of better success and take your Nerium business further. It’s hard work and requires effort on your part, but it’s worth it.

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