It Works! Training

It Works is a company that continues to grow and gain attention from those looking to earn money from home, and it offers numerous promises to new recruits to help attract them to the system. And while there’s no doubt that people have earned cash off of this system, and attending a meeting of one of these distributors will likely give you plenty of optimism, the reality is a little different.

Specifically, new members quickly have to realize that they’re going to have to put forth some serious effort in order to succeed. And making things worse is that many who join It Works are indeed passionate about the product and about making money, but don’t understand the fundamentals of success in these types of businesses – marketing and lead generation.

It Works training programs are designed to help give you additional knowledge and skills that you can leverage into success, but it’s still vital to understand the right and wrong ways to go about it – even some of the steps offered in some It Works training programs could be actually working against you. Before you start sending out hundreds of spam emails or sending private messages to strangers on Facebook, it’s worth understanding how to really make the system work for you.

Is It A Scam?

First, we need to touch on this. There are indeed complaints out there about It Works, most of them claiming that it’s a scam along the lines of classic pyramid schemes. But the company is legitimate and meets all compliance regulations for Multi-Level Marketing companies in the US.

This means that they’re completely legit and that it is possible to earn through the company, signing up new team members, making sales, and continually improving yourself through It Works training opportunities.

So why the ‘scam’ accusations? This generally occurs because distributors who sign up with It Works end up not succeeding. They may lose money or they may just not reach the goals they thought they would. Even with substantial It Works training, the reality is that at times it can be difficult to earn the commissions needed to thrive in this type of business.

A Closer Look At Compensation

The key to understanding how to earn is through understanding the It Works compensation plan. Undergoing additional It Works training into things like marketing strategies and sales pitches can help, but if you don’t understand how you will be earning, it can be hard to actually earn.

According to the basics of the It Works compensation plan, you earn money based on two things – direct retail sales, and commissions. You not only make individual sales, but sign up “Loyal Customers” who have a recurring subscription to It Works purchases. Additionally, you earn commission on the sales of all transactions that distributors you signed up make as well.

In other words, you can make money just by signing up customers or other distributors. However, many don’t’ fully realize how many customers are needed and how many distributors it takes in order to really turn a profit – let alone earn that huge payday that you may have been promised. Distributors drop out of It Works regularly, and losing a distributor can impact your pay. That means that you have to continue to be active and attract new customers as well as new team members constantly, or you could struggle to stay ahead.

Still, money is there to be made. Sales occur, commissions are earned, and you can make money through this system. But you have to know how to do so.

Looking Outside Your Circle

There are plenty of events out there that offer It Works training and networking opportunities, and It Works itself advises recruits to focus on a three step process in order to start earning – getting commission qualified, signing up loyal customers, and enlisting new distributors.

But the reality is that for most, marketing and lead generation is what will hold them back. Think of how the majority of Multi-Level Marketing distributors go about things – they start by talking to friends, family members, neighbors, and co-workers. That’s great, and can net you some sales and maybe even some distributors as part of your team. But then what?

The answer is that you have to start looking outside of that immediate circle. There are millions of people in the country, and contacting the ones who can join your team isn’t something that happens naturally – or easily. You’ll need to develop marketing strategies, utilize the internet, and generate as many leads as you can if you want to thrive.

And you have to act quickly. Every day that you fail to attract new distributors or loyal customers is a day that you’re losing money. That kind of urgency, combined with the challenge of large-scale marketing, can bring significant stress and concern to those who are part of the It Works team. As a result, many end up giving up.

How To Succeed With It Works

There isn’t a guaranteed way to ensure that you’re going to succeed with It Works. Training can help, but the reality is that some will thrive and some will flounder. However, a few steps can help you improve your chances of success. These include the following.

  • Understand the product and be passionate about it. Marketing yourself and your product is important, but it all starts with being able to explain It Works to others. Take the time to really research each product so you can help customers find what they’re looking for.
  • Know the system. Understand all of the bonuses, tier levels, and other compensation methods related to the It Works program so you can leverage them in your favor.
  • Consider your marketing plan and your skills with it. This is really where people struggle, and generating consistent leads is something that you need to be able to excel at. However, it’s not always easy. If you have no strategy for looking beyond friends and co-workers for sales, you will struggle to succeed.

The bottom line is simple – It Works offers a legitimate path to profits, but it’s something that won’t’ fit into everyone’s comfort zone. Do your research to ensure it’s the right call for you.

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