Earning money from home or on your own is something that millions attempt, but only those with a solid plan and a good system backing them up will find real success. For some, It Works! is a choice that they’ll consider. It Works! is a MLM opportunity that sells body wraps and other skin care and beauty products, along with a chance to join the team as a distributor and sell the products for yourself – earning a profit as you do.

But is it really something that you can earn through? The answer is that it depends upon your own efforts and what you do to succeed. Taking a closer look at the fundamentals of the compensation plan is the key to being able to leverage it in your advantage.

The Three Individuals In The It Works Model

Before you go any further, you need to understand the basics of the It Works! compensation plan. That means understanding the three types of people that make up the system. These include the following.

1. Distributors – This is what you’ll be if you start working towards building a business. You’ll also want to recruit other distributors onto your team since you earn commissions on their orders and the orders of those who they recruit.

2. Retail Customers – The retail customers are those who make a single, onetime purchase of products from an It Works distributor. These usually form the beginnings of a business’ foundation for success since you earn money for every sale.

3. Loyal Customers – These consumers go beyond the basic retail customers and sign up for a 3-month membership that includes auto-shipment of their products. They’ll receive a discounted price on products they order, and you earn a percentage commission for bringing them to the It Work family. The company stresses that these are the keys to earning the most you can, and offers several bonus incentives based on signing them up.

In It Works, understanding the relationship between these people is important. So is being able to master the art of attracting loyal customers and helping convince them to stay as a part of the team.

The Primary Ways You’ll Earn Money

As with most other MLM companies, you earn money based on several different methods. Understanding this, and which ones to focus on when building your business, will be essential for finding success. Let’s take a closer look.

The main thing you’ll need to do is simply to make sales. Under the It Works compensation plan, you earn the retail level markup from each single sale. This means that you order products directly from them and pay a wholesale price. Then you sell the products at the retail level, with the difference between the two prices being your profit. The more you sell, the more you earn.

However, the secret to the It Works compensation plan and what really helps your company thrive is in becoming Commission Qualified and earning commission from the sales to Loyal customers and commission on your downline. In order to become Commission Qualified you need to complete one of two things:

  • Have at least a 400 Personal Bonus Volume for a given month. PBV is the sum of the bonus volume from all orders for yourself and loyal or retail customers.
  • Process a minimum of 80 BV auto-shipment. Bonus Volume is the value of a product. Each sale you make is applied a BV value.

Once that you become commission qualified, you’ll start earning commission. Once again, there are multiple ways to do this. These include:

  • Cash and Carry Commission – This is a 50% commission that’s earned on products sold at parties, events, and to interested single time retail customers.
  • Remote Commission – You’ll earn a 15% commission on orders that your customers place through phone or online.
  • Downline Commission – This is the primary focus of those who thrive under the It Works compensation plan. You earn 15% commission on your first level distributors, 10% on second or third level members, and 2 to 5% on the levels below that.

The downline commission is essential to success – by bringing additional distributors to the It Works family, you begin to earn based on their performance as well as your own. With a successful team in place, the funds can add up quickly.

Rewards And Bonuses

The It Works compensation plan is also set up to offer numerous bonuses and incentives to members who succeed, helping them increase their profits in the process. Here’s a look at some of the bonus opportunities available to members.

  • Fast Start Bonus – This is offered to distributors who enroll two loyal customers within their first 30 days of membership. Enrolling sponsors can earn a $99 bonus for achieving this simple goal.
  • Get 4 Product Credit – Once you sign up 4 loyal customers within the first 30 days of membership, you receive a voucher for $120 in bonus volume.
  • Wrap Rewards – Every 2 loyal customers that are enrolled through you gets you a reward of your choice – a box of facial wraps or a box of body applicators – at a deeply discounted price.
  • $500 Guarantee – Completing 3 steps to success within 60 days will pay a guaranteed commission of $500.

Is It Works The Right Call For You?

As you can see, there are plenty of different reasons that It Works might fit into your plan for success. But it’s important to remember that it’s not for everyone. You need to do total research into the company and how it works and ensure that you understand the fundamentals of the It Works compensation plan. Then, you need to make sure it’s a product you’re passionate about and one that you can sell.

Complaints are filed against companies of this nature, but there is success for those who work towards it. The key is making certain that you fully understand what you’ll need to do and how to succeed. Lead generation, proper marketing, and a passion that keeps you working hard will be keys to earning through It Works. If you can’t master those fundamentals, you may need to look into other opportunities.

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