The internet is filled with opportunities – and with plenty of potential scams. Separating the truth from the fiction can sometimes be more difficult than you think, and being able to learn more about different companies and what they offer to you is a key part of finding success. Doing due diligence into any business opportunity is vital, and one that has caught the eye of many is the It Works! system.

But does it work, and if so is it the right fit for you and your strategy? Taking a closer look is something that’s well worth doing and something that could help you figure out more about your future with this MLM opportunity.

What Is It Works?

It Works! is a multi-level marketing organization that focuses on the distribution of skin care, body wrap, and beauty products. It’s also one of the fastest growing ones out there today, being named the number 15 top direct sales company in the country and placing on the INC list of the 500 fastest growing private companies.

The company’s products are marketed towards those looking to tone their body, clear their skin, and get in better mental and physical shape and there are multiple options available for sale through the company.

The products are combined into a total health system that focuses on four key products that are intended to work together to create major results – a cleanse, skin care, and wrap system. Full instructions for the products are available when you buy and are clear and easy to understand.

And along with providing numerous products to consumers, the organization also offers business opportunities, letting members become sellers of the products as well.

How Do People Get Paid?

The It Works! compensation plan is similar to other systems in that it offers you the chance to earn money directly as well as enrolling you into a tiered, multi-level system that allows you to earn income based on the performance of the team you’ve assembled for yourself. In short, by starting your own company and then hiring your own standout employees, you can take your finances into the future.

But how exactly does it work? There are a few key elements that stand out as being primarily worth your attention. For starters, you will earn money on every sale you make since you’re buying product at the wholesale cost and then reselling based on retail prices. That markup helps form the foundation of your profit potential.

There are several bonus programs and additional incentives as well, however. For example, you will earn a $120 product credit when you recruit four customers within the first month of your enrollment. This lets you order 2 more boxes of wraps and sell them – giving you a bigger bonus. Thereafter, for every 2 customers you have place an order with you nets you a box of wraps for just $25, setting you up for the potential of $75 in total profit.

There is also a Fast Start Bonus that lets you earn a $100 bonus for every new distributor you have join your team if they meet basic qualifications of sales within their initial period. And there are also other bonuses like enrolling loyal customers and more.

Commissions are the other key part of the process of earning with It Works! You’ll earn 10% commissions on the sales of your distributors at the initial level, and as you recruit more distributors and add more loyal customers to your company you start earning additional commissions based on their sales and their performance.

The Truth About Making Money Through It Works!

The simple fact is that the more you sell and the more team members that you bring on board, the better your profits will be. But while it’s easy to see dollar signs and think that you’ll be living the easy life within days, the reality is important to understand.

Specifically, the fact is that if you want to make It Works! succeed for you, you’ll have to be willing to devote time, money, and a considerable amount of energy into the process. Most people will begin by talking to their friends and family members about the opportunity, but after those leads are used up most will never move any further.

The key here is to understand that you have to step out of your comfort zone and start generating additional leads from other sources. There are plenty of ways to do this including:

  • Networking at seminars and other events
  • Local advertising
  • Storefront space
  • Online marketing
  • Social media networking
  • And more

Simply put, you have to be willing to get out there and generate leads using whatever means necessary. Often, your team’s biggest earners could be people you’ve never met until the day they signed up to join you. Looking beyond your immediate circle is the secret to getting more results. Lead generation is the secret that any marketing professional in any industry will tell you is a must, and it applies here as well.

Final Thoughts on It Works!

It Works! itself actually provides a basic step by step process that includes gaining loyal customers, finding distributors, and becoming commission qualified. But is there more to it than that?

Essentially, It Works! is like many other MLM opportunities out there. It has tremendous potential when used correctly, but the issue is that many people enter the process without fully understanding it or what they need to do to make the most from it. As long as you pay attention to your goals and to how to reach them, and as long as you approach things realistically, it’s possible to earn a profit and even to find true success.

Generating leads and stepping outside your comfort zone with doing so will be vital for your success, but at its heart the It Works! system has a solid foundation thanks to a quality product that taps into the appeal of getting healthy and looking better. The key is figuring out how to make it work for you.

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