Beginning a new career path can be a daunting process, and when you decide to become a member of the dōTERRA team you’ll likely want to find all the help you can at improving your ability to meet sales goals, recruit members for your own personal team, and deliver the best products to your customers.

That’s where dōTERRA training can come into play. By offering you numerous resources and information on products and the process involved in being a dōTERRA representative, the company will work to turn your dreams into a reality – but you’ll need to work as well.

Joining the dōTERRA team makes sense for a lot of people, and the success stories are impressive, with members earning large amounts of money and being able to set their own hours. But it’s not easy, and the reality is that hard work will be needed. Let’s take some time to learn more about how to become the best dōTERRA member you can be.

Oil Basics

The first step? Learning more about the essential oils that you’ll be selling and promoting. Oils can provide numerous health benefits to those who understand them, and have been used for centuries to help with healing, relaxation, and more. There are three key ways to use our oils:

  • Aromatic – The aromatic nature of the oils can help create an overall ambiance in a room, helping deliver stimulating, calming, and relaxing effects in the process.
  • Internal – Oils can also be used internally, through capsule form, in recipes using the oils as an ingredient, or just in the original oil form. This can help serve as a dietary supplement and provide several benefits.
  • Topical – Topical application can help in numerous ways as well, and the skin will absorb the oil quickly.

These three methods form the foundation of success when it comes to knowing your product. The more you know about the oils, the better you can represent them to customers or to your team members.

Learn The Incentives

Another big thing you’ll need to know is how the dōTERRA compensation plan works and what you can earn as a Wellness Advocate. There are numerous incentives set up that are designed to help reward new members, pay out bonuses based on your performance, and more. Learning these incentives can help you understand how to seize on them and make them work for you. It’s about much more than just selling great oils, and understanding this is a must.

The Hard Facts About dōTERRA 

One of the biggest challenges for dōTERRA team members isn’t selling the product – it’s bringing new Wellness Advocates onto their team. The challenge for many comes after the first week or two – when you begin to run out of friends and relatives to approach with this opportunity. In fact, for the first 3 to 6 months, it’s common for fledgling dōTERRA Wellness Advocates to struggle to find a single lead.

dōTERRA training resources focus on helping you get those leads, make important sales, and – most vital of all – sign up new Wellness Advocates to join your team. The key lies in a mulit-step process that can deliver some significant results if you understand the basics. Here’s a look at the key elements.

  • Start off by creating a list of people you know. This doesn’t have to be close friends – vague acquaintances are well worth including as well. Be sure to include how you know them and any information on contacting them.
  • Master the sales pitch. Know the key benefits of dōTERRA and how to explain them to others so you can contact each person and give them an explanation of what you – and dōTERRA – can offer to them.
  • Contact your list. Within 10 to 15 minutes you should be able to explain the great opportunities dōTERRA offers. Let them know that it will only take a short time to give them a rundown – most will be agreeable and give you the chance to wow them.
  • Try to convince them to check out a meeting you hold or that’s held by your own leader. This can give them a chance to learn even more about what is offered.

Marketing Matters

Another key element of success as a Wellness Advocate is to market smart. Any business leader knows that marketing is the secret to getting the best results from a business, and that means marketing effectively.

It’s important once again to remember that if you want true success, you have to look beyond relying on friends and family members to land all of your sales or becoming Wellness Advocates on your team. That means reaching out to others. There are a lot of different steps you can take here.

For example, advertising in your area can help tremendously, but doing it the right way is important. The best results will often come not from trying to hard-sell the opportunity initially. Most people will be wary if you’re posting signs promising a chance to earn big money from home. Instead, sell them on the value of the products first and make that the focus of your marketing. Then you can introduce them to the unique chance dōTERRA offers.

You should also be very active online. Social media like Facebook can often help you market your business and make product sales, but it can also help you connect with potential team members who are ready to earn money from home.

Keep Learning

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