What is dōTERRA

There are plenty of ways the internet has changed the world, but its ability to help people earn money is one that can’t be ignored. Today, dōTERRA offers a great opportunity for those looking to embark on a new way to make money and to provide products to others that will have a positive impact on their life.

What Is dōTERRA?

dōTERRA is a multi-level marketing company that is committed to providing the highest quality essential oils on the market. Essential oils can provide health benefits to those who use them without side effects, providing a safe, effective, and beneficial health boost. dōTERRA offers opportunities to those who want to sell these products so those looking to start earning extra cash can have access to a product that they can be proud of.

The company was started in 2008 by a group of professionals who experienced the benefits of essential oils firsthand. The idea was simple – creating a new paradigm for essential oils and their distribution. Beginning with 10 oil blends and 25 individual oils, dōTERRA instantly began to get attention from experts in the field. Today, dōTERRA products include oils and additional products that are based on essential oils. It’s a company devoted to helping improve the health and wellbeing of all its customers – and to providing opportunities for those as passionate about the oils as we are.

Over the years, dōTERRA has won numerous awards and taken part in many different events and incentives around the country and throughout Utah. In fact, dōTERRA was recognized as the Business of the Year by the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce. The company also regularly takes part in incentives like the Utah STEM education Investors Coalition, giving back to the community in ways that go beyond providing them with great essential oils.

The dōTERRA Difference

dōTERRA products are of the highest possible quality. Each of the essential oils are carefully distilled from plants chosen, planted, and harvested using an exact science to ensure that the extracts are of the highest efficacy. All oils are tested using Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade protocols, ensuring that the oils are completely safe and highly effective.

dōTERRA also offers specialized blends for different wellness needs. Bringing years of experience and knowledge to the creation of the blends, experts create oils that are imbued with the living energy of plants, providing high levels of potency and maximum benefits.

This tremendous quality provides excellent results to those who use the oils, but also helps you and your team sell the product. By creating the best essential oils on the market, the company has already established a recognizable brand that will allow members to make the sales they need to become leaders in the industry – provided they put forth the effort.

The dōTERRA Compensation Structure

Now that you know the basics of what dōTERRA believes in and what they sell, how do you earn as part of the dōTERRA team? Understanding the compensation plan is a key part of making sure that you make the right decisions as a team member in order to seize the full potential the plan can offer to you. The company has a clear system and an easy to understand payout percentage which can reward you well if you know how to take advantage of it. Here are some highlights.

  • Retail Sales – All members are able to purchase the products at a low wholesale price, then resell them at retail prices. It’s the same general principle that major retailers use, and makes it easy to start earning.
  • Fast Start – The Fast Start bonus system can offer big rewards to team members quickly. You’ll be able to earn an additional percentage on sales made during your first 60 days as a member.
  • Team Bonuses – For every team member you bring into the dōTERRA family you’ll get additional bonuses. You’ll also earn additional cash based on the sales of your team members.
  • Loyalty Rewards – You can also get free product credits based on purchases ordered through you and by you. This can provide even more cash to your revenue stream.

Maximizing your potential means knowing the basics of compensation, and dōTERRA offers one of the most easy to understand packages in the entire industry. Team members have the opportunity to turn their love of essential oils into significant profits, and the compensation program is structured in a way that stands out as offering more to members than many other multi-level marketing programs out there today.

Making The Most Of It But what’s the reality of your earning potential? We know – multi level marketing can be difficult to maximize earnings on since understanding the specifics is only the first step in making the system work for you. However, taking a closer look at some success stories can help you see that earning potential is here – you just need to take advantage of it.

There are a few basic things to remember in order to get the best possible results from your experience with dōTERRA. These include:

  • Know the System – Understand exactly how compensation works and how to make it work for you. Mastering the complexities of the system will help you realize the full potential it can provide to you.
  • Know the Product – Familiarizing yourself with all the products offers through dōTERRA is important as well. Doterra provides some of the best oils and blends on the market, and when you know all about each of them it’s easier to make the sales that you need to become a pro.
  • Recruit Passion – Building a great team matters. When you recruit others who are passionate about essential oils and about building their own career success, it helps you in turn.

The key is making sure that you understand that you’re not going to get rich overnight – anything takes work in order to find success, and that applies to dōTERRA as well. But, with the quality products and a proven system backing you up, dōTERRA can help you improve your chances of earning big money on your own and enjoying the process of working in a field that you love.

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