Beachbody has become a major force in the world of fitness and weight loss, with numerous people posting their success stories online. The company is responsible for some of the most noticeable products in the industry including things like Shakeology shakes and the P90X fitness system.

The company also offers the chance to sign on as a ‘coach’ and become a distributor of the products they sell. Doing so means that you can start selling products you’re familiar with and gain profits based on your performance. When you check out the various Beachbody training materials designed for coaches, you’ll see plenty of things that will generate excitement and fill your mind with possibilities of things like earning huge paychecks doing something you love.

And according to earning statements, some Beachbody coaches will indeed earn solid revenue – tens of thousands of dollars in the best cases. But that’s not really a realistic outlook, and this is something many coaches sadly realize once they leave the Beachbody training session and start trying to generate leads and sales for themselves.

There’s no question that Beachbody has numerous products that people really do care about and are interested in buying, but what many coaches don’t realize is that it takes a lot more work to succeed – you can’t just depend on friends and family members to buy your products.

With that in mind, it’s worth understanding more about Beachbody and what it could do – or fail to do – for you.

Is Beachbody A Scam?

To be perfectly blunt, the answer to that question is simple – no, Beachbody isn’t a scam. The company has been around since 1998, and the direct sales side of the business has been in existence since 2007. Since that time, numerous distributors have found significant success with the business model and it operates under all regulatory compliance guidelines set forth by the FTC for multi-level marketing companies.

But rumors of it being a scam persist for one key reason – coaches who sign up with dollar signs in their eyes but who quickly struggle to succeed and eventually end up failing significantly. They assume that this is because of the Beachbody system, when in reality you’ll be signing an agreement that clearly states that you are responsible for the success or failure of your company when you become a coach.

And a look at those earning statements show that it isn’t a scam – but that only a small percent will really earn significant money. In fact, about 3% will achieve Star Diamond status, where average earnings are around $79,000 per year. About 69% will remain at the basic coach level, earning an average of $550 per year.

In other words, the big stories of huge success aren’t lies. Instead, they’re representative of the possibilities you can reach with Beachbody, not the most likely outcome. Most will struggle to go beyond earning enough to pay for their own products. Those who do succeed will be in a very small percentage of people.

So in short, Beachbody isn’t a scam. Instead, it’s an opportunity that offers a chance to make money and learn how to be a good business leader. But it can be challenging to succeed, and knowing the difference between the reality of what most achieve and the small percentage who reach those big paydays is important to remember.

The Truth About Earning With Beachbody

However, according to the Beachbody training info related to the compensation plan, one thing that is clear is that you can start earning money immediately after joining the business as a coach. Since you will be entitled to 25% commission on all sales you make, you can start earning cash the day you become a coach as long as you generate sales.

But maintaining those sales and gaining additional sales leads are where things begin to get trickier. One thing to note is that coaches are better off marketing based on repeat customers. You’ll only sell P90X to a customer one time, for example. But things like the Shakeology shakes will be purchased over and over again, netting you returning income since you get the commission from them every single time. As such, most initial Beachbody training manuals and guides will focus on this side of your sales strategy.

But there is one key problem with Beachbody training manuals and guides, and it’s the same issue that persists throughout numerous MLM company training guides – the issue of warm marketing. Most initial Beachbody training events and guides focus on little more than generating excitement for new recruits and on targeting those in your immediate circle. In fact, the first steps are usually things like making a list of everyone you know and then pursuing them as a customer.

The issue here is what happens next. Primarily, what do you do when you’ve exhausted that initial list of potential leads? Most Beachbody training manuals don’t go into any further details about achieving your goals and as such you’ll end up struggling once your friends and family exhaust their willingness to be sales for you.

Finding Your Success

With that in mind, it makes much more sense to look into what additional steps you can take to find success. In particular, you need to understand a couple of central ideas that can help you move ahead in the world of MLM marketing for Beachbody.

For example, understanding the process of selling the products is important, but so is fully grasping what each product offers. You’ll also want to understand things like proper ways to generate solid leads, and how to close a deal based on a strong pitch that sets you apart from others in the MLM world. After all, if you’re just another voice in the crowd saying the same things it will be difficult to get noticed.

Simply put, there is success to be found with Beachbody. However, while some may end up reaching their income goals, others may pursue their goals for a period of time before moving to another business pursuit later, using Beachbody as a training ground for their skills. No matter how you use it, understanding the keys to Beachbody success is a good idea.

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