Beachbody Compensation Plan

Beachbody is a company that is responsible for some of the more well-known fitness systems in the country, most notably P90X, which has gained a lot of attention throughout the press. The company was founded on the principle of helping others reach their fitness goals and feel better about themselves, but in 2007 it also started a direct sales segment that focused on having personal ‘coaches’ join the team as distributors.

Those coaches will earn income based on their performance at selling Beachbody products and at bringing additional coaches to their own team who will do the same. The Beachbody compensation plan is a binary system that pays coaches in a few different ways. The actual document is very long – longer than most other MLM compensation plan breakdowns – and as such it’s worth taking a closer look at it to get the basics in a clearer light.

The Main Ways To Earn With Beachbody

The Beachbody compensation plan can seem a bit daunting at first, but in reality there are a couple of basic principles you’ll want to understand. Once that you do, you’ll be able to see how to earn money through the system.

  • Retail Sales – The first and most obvious way that coaches with Beachbody earn is through their retail sales. When you sign onto the system, you begin selling all of the products that they have to offer. This includes systems like P90X as well as individual supplements and shakes like the shakeology line of health shakes.But unlike some other MLM systems, you don’t have to break into different tier levels in order to earn higher commissions. Under the Beachbody compensation plan, all coaches earn 25% commission on all of their sales. It doesn’t matter if you sell a single order or 200 orders, you’ll get the same commission.
  • Cycle Bonuses – The other side of earning with Beachbody is through the cycle bonuses. These are set up under the binary system design of MLM companies. In it, each coach needs to recruit and manage two separate ‘legs’ within their business. In short, you’ll recruit two coaches who become the beginnings of your two legs. As they recruit more team members and you do as well, you’ll gradually add more income.Each of your legs needs to earn a similar amount, but you’ll earn no matter which leg is stronger. The key is the Team Volume amount. This refers to the overall volume of sales your team makes. When they reach 300, you earn a cycle bonus. For every cycle bonus you earn, you’ll get $14 to $18 depending upon your Coaching level. The more TV you have, the more times you’ll earn that bonus.

Your Coaching Levels And Rising Upwards In The Ranks

While your individual commission earnings remain the same no matter what, with a steady 25% commission earned on everything you sell, the actual rank that you receive as a coach means that you earn larger TV cycle bonuses. Coaches can rise through ranks that include Emerald, Ruby, and Diamond. Once you reach Diamond level you will then have 10 levels of Diamond to progress through – 1 Star Diamond, 2 Star Diamond, and so on.

The higher your ranks, the more you’re allowed to earn and the more you will earn. But how do you rise in the ranks? Essentially, ranking depends upon how your legs grow. As you bring in additional coaches and as those coaches bring in their own team members, things advance quickly in terms of your rankings and your bonuses. Coach numbers alone won’t increase your rankings, but the TV you bring in does. For example, hitting 75 TV with a total of four coaches on your team moves you into Active Ruby status and improves your earnings potential.

Advantages Of The Beachbody Compensation Plan

There are several big advantages to earning through Beachbody, and understanding them will help you see why others have found success with it.

First is the flat commission payouts. In some other MLM companies, the amount of a commission that you earn will start off low – often as little as 10%. You have to actually increase in ranks within the business in order to succeed. But the Beachbody compensation plan offers you the chance to earn a flat 25% commission on all your orders immediately.

The binary system can seem confusing at first, but at its heart it can help you grow stronger teams with better sales. The reason is that it promotes and fosters a sense of teamwork, and instead of your subsequent coaches just bringing in random people and never giving them any more attention, they’ll actually help improve their skills.

Finally, it comes down to the product itself. Beachbody has gained a lot of attention thanks to major systems like P90X and the Shakeology line of shakes. It’s a brand people recognize. And when you combine that with the fact that people regularly want to get in shape and lose weight, it becomes clear that you have an advantage with these products that can pay off substantially.

Disadvantages Of The Beachbody Compensation Plan

There are also a few disadvantages inherent in the Beachbody compensation plan that deserve some attention to help you see what you’ll need to overcome as a coach.

The binary system does foster teamwork, but it can be difficult to rank up through the coaching levels and to even earn solid TV cycle bonuses because both of the legs need to reach good volume in order for you to succeed.

Additionally, Beachbody’s system means that if a customer becomes a coach on your team, you don’t receive the 25% commission on their purchases anymore. Those purchases roll over into TV now, which can cut into your immediate earnings. This means that you have to generate additional leverage and earnings in order to boost your TV.

Final Thoughts

All in all, people are earning through the Beachbody system. But like any other MLM opportunity, you’ll need to master solid marketing skills and understand the system fully if you want to truly thrive as a coach in this system.

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