What is Beachbody?

Every year, millions of people attempt to start their own business – whether it’s in a major way complete with a storefront or just a small operation trying to earn money online from their home. Beachbody is an online based company that offers an opportunity to start your own business by using its products, but is it the right choice for you?

What Is Beachbody?

So just what is Beachbody? It is a Multi-level marketing company that provides various weight loss, nutrition, and fitness programs to those who need them. Founded in 1998 with the intent of helping people reach their fitness goals, the company has more than 20 million customers and works with more than 350,000 independent ‘coaches’ who sell and distribute the products throughout the world. The company employee more than 800 people directly in addition to those independent coaches.

The company has become incredibly successful, posting sales of more than $1billion in 2014 and awarding millions to winners of its Beachbody Challenge, inspiring more people to start getting in shape the right way. With a strong online community and more than 5 million monthly unique visitors to its digital sites, it is clear that Beachbody could be the right choice for you if you’re looking to start your own company.

What Does Beachbody Do?

The company claims to have been founded with one goal – to help others live the healthiest, most fulfilling life possible. The business is unlike other multi-level marketing organizations in that instead of just selling products or only offering a service, it blends a combination of product sales with fitness programs to improve one’s life.

The company is probably best known for the P90X and Body Beast systems of fitness, but is responsible for plenty of other ones as well. Essentially, it sells a total system to consumers – diet guidelines, workout programs, and supplements like weight loss shakes – that creates a healthier lifestyle.

For those who are trying to get in shape, the company is a perfect choice thanks to the range of products. But what about those who are looking to actually join the team as a Beachbody “coach” and start earning money through their own business? That deserves a closer look.

How Do People Earn Money With Beachbody?

Beachbody also operates what it calls ‘Team Beachbody”, which was started in 2007 as a direct selling part of the company. Independent distributors who sign onto Team Beachbody are known as “Coaches” and they serve as not only distributors who sell the products and systems, but who also help provide fitness results with nutritional advice, meal plans, and more. It’s designed to almost be a way to earn money as a trainer of sorts, with a focus on selling products.

However, the Beachbody compensation plan shows that it’s structured similarly to pretty much all other network marketing programs out there in terms of how you earn money as a coach. There are of course bonuses and incentives, but in the end you earn depending upon your sales and the sales of those who you recruit onto your team.

According to the company, there are two primary ways to earn with the Beachbody compensation plan. The first comes from retail sales, and coaches usually earn a 25% commission on each retail sale they make. This applies to total fitness systems like P90X as well as to products like Shakeology shakes. Recurring customers who order shakes each month will always earn a 25% commission to the person who brought them into the Beachbody family.

The other side of the Beachbody payout system is the team cycle bonus. Here’s where the tier levels come into play. Beachbody uses a binary compensation plan, which means that coaches have to build two separate ‘legs’, or groups of team members. The stronger your legs become, the higher your earnings move up. Coaches move to Emerald status, for example, by sponsoring two other coaches – one for each leg.

Once you have your two team members, you’ll start to earn points known as Team Volume, or TV points. The higher the amount of Team Volume and the more coaches on your team, the more you earn.

What Works For Beachbody Coaches?

One of the key things to understand about the Beachbody system is that it’s designed like most other MLM companies, but there’s a big difference in terms of initial retail commissions. That big difference is that there are no tier levels to earn larger commissions like in other MLM companies. You will always earn a 25% retail commission, which means you don’t have to move up through ranks to start improving your success.

However, the binary system makes it harder for some to fully understand just how to earn – especially since it means that you won’t earn cycle bonuses if one of your two legs is substantially weaker than the other. Both legs have to perform well.

Of course, Beachbody does have true success stories, with some of the top earners bringing in an average of more than $79,000 according to recent earnings reports. But those are top earners, and most report average earnings of around $3,000 – with the lowest amount earned annually being a measly $14.

What does that tell you? Essentially, that reaching the right level of success may be harder than you think. The reason is simple – most who start off in the MLM world have little understanding of how marketing really works. But, Beachbody is a company that does appeal to a larger group of people than some other product based MLM organizations. There is a big push towards fitness and health, and being able to turn that into leads is a key factor in finding your success.

The secret is being able to master the art of marketing, lead generation, and closing a deal. That means moving outside your initial list of friends and family and finding strangers who you can make a sale to. Beachbody’s training efforts have a limited scope in terms of getting you sales, and you need to look beyond them to find the methods that can bring you success. Results are out there, but they’ll be harder to find than you might think.

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