As an MLM marketer, you know how it is – finding buyers can be tough. Sure you could buy an e-mail list but that’s not always the best answer because e-mail addresses can change. What if we could show you a better way to access HUNGRY MLM buyers without ever purchasing an e-mail list or trying to contact them one by one?

MLM Sales Machine is the one piece of software you will ever need when it comes to finding great MLM leads. You can do this over and over again and never need to buy another e-mail list again. How does it work? Simple – it ignores e-mails completely and uses contact pages instead.

With MLM Sales Machine, YOU CAN:
  • Target any existing group of MLM Marketers
  • Contact them with a customized, personalized message
  • Manage your list and do follow up all within the software
  • Easily find new leads by switching to a different MLM opportunity
  • Use the existing database of hundreds of popular MLM products
  • Insert you own MLM products to add to the number of leads you can find
  • Create a custom message which can be personalized for each individual MLMer
  • Do it all through the online contact page instead of relying on e-mails
  • Allow you to visit tens of thousands of different websites each and every day
  • Make it look as if you are a ‘guest’ of the MLMer as opposed to another salesperson
  • Work in the background while you do something else
  • Do it all automatically

The secret is MLM Sales Machine’s contact page technology. Our software can find the contact page on most websites, properly propagate all the fields and then submit it, just as if you had personally visited each site and submitted manual inquiries thousands of times.

So what would something like this be worth to you? Use it just once and you’ll see why everyone is talking about this amazing product and how it can easily help you get the head start you need on selling real MLMers on your opportunity today.