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Some well-intentioned newbie in this business may have told you that the best approach in Direct Mail marketing is to blast them out and hope for a single-digit return. You know what that approach works best on? Trees. It kills thousands of them…without giving you a return on investment you should be happy with. But what if you could send out a card that was individual, targeted, dare I say it…unique!

It can be done. In fact, ListGuy believes it should be done with each and every piece of Direct Mail you send out. Unless, of course, you don’t want the highest yield for the lowest cost. See, this is the only equation that works in Direct Mail:

Low cost + targeted market = big results.

Properly targeted Direct Mail marketing allows you to monitor your campaigns to see what’s working. It allows you additional customer touches without sending out repetitive emails. Combined with smart use of your web presence, it allows you to track the success of all your campaigns for free. That sound good…or were you planning on letting all those home addresses continue to sit around and get all dusty. Put those things to work!

Need more reasons to make more money using Direct Mail? Well, how bout using it to target prime leads without hitting Hip National Bank for more advertising fees? And what about coupons, gift cards and the ever popular – and highly successful – thank you for your business, please buy more.

Worried that Direct Mail limits your geographic reach? Don’t be. Planes, trains and automobiles can carry more than John Candy. They deliver to mailboxes on our lists in the U.S. and Canada every day (except on Federal Holidays…and, ironically, Boxing Day).

But, wherever your Direct Mail is headed, if you use ListGuy, you are marketing to prospects who have already expressed a direct interest in exactly what you offer. Because of that, we give you more bang for your buck than fireworks on New Years Eve…and much less chance of getting burned. Because we won’t let you settle for second best. (I tried that once in high school. I had to let her win, she was really, really…well, it doesn’t matter…she went to Prom with the quarterback anyway).

Don’t be that guy. Alone. With all your stuff and no one to send it too. ListGuy will find exactly the right box for your mail…and maybe even save a rainforest in the process. ListGuy is Direct Mail done right.

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