Email Marketing Best Practices

Simple Ways to Improve Your Campaign

Smart and enthusiastic business owners like yourself all have one thing in common – they want to be the best at whatever it is that they do. From building a better mousetrap than anyone else to providing the best service, every business owner strives to separate themselves from their competition, by being the best that they can be. For businesses that employ the use of email marketing, this can be especially important, as your email marketing campaigns can either make or break your company. To help you succeed, here is’s list of the top 3 email marketing best practices that can improve the success of your campaign.

1 – The number one, most important factor to the success of your email marketing campaign is to know the anti-spam laws in your state and in the states that you will be sending email to. As identity theft has been on the rise and there has been an increase in malicious content contained within unsolicited emails, states are cracking down on email marketers. Knowing what to expect and what is allowed is one of the most important email marketing best practices to have.

2 – Know who you are emailing. While it is true that you can use a program to just pick a domain and hit every possible email address at that domain, the odds are not great that you will have a great response rate from on that email list. A good email list will have pre-qualified leads. Using lists that are chock full of co-registration leads is one of’s favorite email marketing best practices.

3 – Streamline your email design. While it may be fun to create an email that has all of the bells and whistles that you can think to add out there, the truth is that email will rarely be seen the way that you intended it to by your prospects. Many email programs will filter out any excessive html or animation, meaning that your email will often be a series of broken links and red x’s, which is about as un-compelling as you can get! Instead, resist the temptation, keep your email simple, and let the website that you send them to wow them when they get there!

By following these simple email marketing best practices, you will have a better, more results driven email marketing campaign than ever before. Contact us for more helpful tips and information.