What is the single biggest problem you have with business to business sales? If your like us, your problem isn’t your pitch or even robust competition. It’s getting past those pesky gatekeepers – the folks whose job it is to keep you as a sales person from getting to the big wigs who actually make decisions.

It’s a real problem because these guys don’t publish their direct phone numbers and they don’t publish their emails. Instead, you need to find a way to sweet talk the secretary into passing on your message so that you can make your pitch. That is, it was a big problem. Until now.

Discover How to Find Thousands of Hungry B2B Buyers Using Contact Pages

B2B Sales Machine is a revolutionary piece of software which bypasses the so called gatekeepers, getting you directly to the decision makers. The secret is in our unique contact page technology.

With this Revolutionary Piece of Software , YOU CAN:
  • Automate thousands of website contact page submissions per day.
  • Contact decision makers directly
  • Send them a personalized message
  • Do follow up with contacts
  • Get up to date contact info for businesses
  • Create a massive database of companies
  • Track every contact you make
  • Visit thousands of Business websites daily
  • Bypass company email filters
  • Never write to the wrong person
  • Upload a list of targeted URL’s and get contact info (no need to contact page URL)
  • Create a business e-mail list automatically
  • Work on something else in the meantime
  • Make it all happen automatically

Make money while you sleep. B2B Sales Machine will work 24/7 to find you fresh business leads who have money to spend on your products.

Find new leads all the time by searching based on new lists of targeted businesses.

Packed with everything you’ll need to get started, B2B Sales Machine is a complete package with no hidden “gotchas.”