First and foremost, as our name implies, we provide you with lists of all kinds. Whether it’s an e-mail list or a direct mail list, the lists we arrange for you are proven winners. We don’t provide cheap, scraped lists which are worthless like some of our competitors do. We take pride in providing time tested sales leads and marketing lists of customers who are ready to make purchases and who have shown that readiness time and time again.

So, I’m the Director of Sales. I know that typically people don’t like “Sales Guys” but I’m here to tell you that not all sales guys are bad! I’ve been in sales since my first lemonade stand at 5 years old! My focus has always been the same – helping people like you quench their thirst or grow their business.. usually the latter these days. I am not here to push you into a list and then be done with you, I am here to help you target a niche of contacts that will facilitate responses, and want you coming back for more. Your success is my success!

Steve Lyman
Director of Sales

For the last 15 years I have owned several different types of businesses. From contracting to real estate and several online companies, I have experienced the frustration of spending thousands of dollars on yellow pages and other traditional marketing that have only had diminishing returns. Being able to provide business owners a relate-able perspective and show them how effective online marketing can change their businesses for the better, is my way of paying it forward.

Dustin Briley
Owner – Founder

A few years ago I was able to achieve the rank of a 3rd degree black belt. It required me to push my limits and focus all of my efforts on a goal that I once thought was unattainable. I focus that same passion with each of our business clients and every aspect of their businesses. If an appointment ever gets rescheduled, someone as a question or I need to whip a few people into shape with a karate move or two, I’m the go to person.

Melissa Faris
Empress Of Efficiency

Jim Collins has said that “In order to have a rewarding life we must have rewarding work” or something like that. Being a business account manager at has provided me with the opportunity to really create meaningful relationships with business owners who are looking for some genuine personal treatment and value transparency and a result driven service.

Lance Hansen
Director of Account Management

I have always found that the difference between being just average and being amazing is always found in the small details and the little thing you do to treat people differently. I love being a part the details that make such a huge impact on the experience and service we provide each of our business clients.

Emilie Bench
Princess of Projects

Every business client has specific needs and we know that we are not just providing a service, but just as important we are building impact-full relationships.

Jeremy Cheney
Sales Associate

I am your go-to girl for anything ListGuy related! I have been with the company for WAY to long, and I know WAY to much! I am persistent in getting results for our clients through email marketing, and I enjoy creating long term business relationships with customers who keep coming back. When I am not writing about myself, or helping ListGuy clients – I enjoy hiking with my family and embracing the 30 sunny days that we get here in the Northwest.

Kara Givens
Director of Fulfillment

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is…we care about your bottom line. Our services are designed to be affordable regardless of what kind of business you run, whether it’s a Fortune 500 business or a mom and pop store just opening its first online presence.