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Raving Review's From Our Clients..


"I have bought leads from 10-20 different sources over the past several months. (To the tune of $3,000). The List Guy’s Real Time Business Opportunity Leads are the BEST LEADS I have found for the price, and I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking for High Quality Biz Opp leads for a reasonable price."

- Zach Young 


"The ListGuy has great customer service, and always answered when I called. The team helped me in targeting my list, and the price was fair. The list came to me within an hour, and it was exactly what I ordered! I will continue to recommend the ListGuy and I will be coming back!"

- Sean Roberts


"Thank you for all your help with the email of names to me. When you told me that you were going to send me the list in 3 hours I thought OK! When I sent you an email that I forgot to tell you to eliminate people from California I thought I would have time to let you know. You sent them before you got my message. I’ve never received service like this from any list broker. Thank you and your staff for your kind Fast service."

- Joe Troise


"My state is Washington. I got a first list from Bellingham to Vancouver on the west side of the Cascades to start with. The List Guy was pretty reasonable and once you get a database set up it costs you nothing from then. I’ve seen the message traffic and you’re at the other end. The List Guy is in Oregon also, not that that matters much. I don’t know how accurate these are; I don’t know how many times they’ve been used and frankly I don’t care. With the seniors, it is hit and miss anyway. You might catch them at the right time and mood whereas you’ve sent 5 or 6 mailings before? So my thinking is that since it takes 5-7 times to contact seniors to get them in the corral, then using emails at only the initial purchase price is a no brainer. I should know, I am a geezer myself."

- Ed Boyd


"I was looking for a opted-in email list of key decision makers in a small portion of a very niche industry. I contacted (6) email list management companies. Most either didn’t have the right people or couldn’t/didn’t take the time to filter the names they had. Two of the (6) came back with results. To make sure the lists covered the exact companies I was looking to target, I gave each company (3) names that I already knew to see if they were on their lists. Only one… had all three names plus their list was twice as large as the other company. An easy decision. Even better though, when we added the names to our database…NONE were duplicates and when they went out in a our blast..ALL were opened and NONE were returned."

- Dave Genest


"Here is some initial feedback: The two databases contained surprisingly few bad email addresses. It couldn’t have been more than 1-2%. I received two positive responses from the BizOp leads, nothing from the Seekers, yet. I will probably do one or two more emails to those lists over the next two or three weeks and then report back to you. We’ll work on a killer subject line and try again. I am satisfied so far with the BizOp results considering the approach I used and I am very satisfied with the integrity of the email addresses in these two databases."

- Joe Campana


"My experience with Listguy has been very positive. The website was self explanatory, response was very prompt, I got a lot of suggestions in acquiring a marketing database and the price was very reasonable. I will most definitely recommend Listguy to all my friends and will go back for our future list requirement."

- Reema Ray


"The ListGuy Team was very patient in targeting the exact list I needed. Once I purchased the list, it was in my inbox within the hour! I sent out 5,000 records to start, and 8% bounced back, which was less than the 10-25% they told me to anticipate. I am a very happy customer, and I will recommend the ListGuy to everyone I know."

- James Wood


"The fastest and shortest path from point to point is a straight line. Thanks for providing that laser focused path for a client I’m coaching for the sales and marketing of his legal practice. Thanks for your acumen and resources – I plan on using your services for all my clients!"

- Bob Civello


"Overall I have been having a good experience with the list. Some of the address no longer exists, but that is business. We have had some good feedback on our office spaces, so hopefully we can make some money."

- Laura O'Neil


"ListGuy’s service and pricing are excellent. We very much appreciated how quickly we were able to purchase the needed list, the outstanding customer service we received and how smoothly we were able to complete the transaction. We’ll return to “ListGuy” for future list needs."

- Rich Radford


"The list guy has awesome quality. Out of five thousand leads we purchased, only five came back as no good. With those high success numbers we will be back. Thank you."

- Chuck Machado
3225 Mcleod Drive, Suite #271B
Las Vegas, NV 89121