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Using Coupons and an Email Marketing List for Affiliate Sales

Did you know that an Email marketing list is a powerful tool for building up affiliate sales? Of course you did – if you’re here, you know quite a bit about marketing on the Internet and you’re probably hungry for … Read More.

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Does the Type of Source Matter for Marketing Lists?

So what do we mean by that? Of course the source matters for marketing lists. You don’t want to have marketing lists that were scraped from places like Craigslist or forums since these are basically spam fodder and will have … Read More.

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How to Use a Business Email List

So you’ve purchased a business Email list and you even know why a business Email list is valuable (because businesses often buy in bulk and often are easier customers to land than consumers). Now you need to know what to … Read More.

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How to Use a Webinar to Sell To Your Email Leads

We’re about to share with you a powerful piece of information for making Email leads into genuine customers. It’s all about running something called webinars. Let’s assume that you’ve culled a list of Email leads and that these people are … Read More.

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How to Turn Opportunity Leads Into Customers

Opportunity leads are not like ordinary Email marketing leads. These are people who are looking, literally for an opportunity. They want to know about a business option that may be available to them which they could use to make money. … Read More.

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Best Practices With Mailing Lists

Mailing lists, unlike Email lists require a bit of a different approach to get them to pay off. After all, you don’t have the immediacy of an Email but you also have a better likelihood that your target will actually … Read More.

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